Dance Intensives

Patty, myself, Lai, Angela, Brenda, Natasha, Darby, Sherry

I have just finished up the round of six days of all-day dance intensives—Collective Soul Level One and Teacher Training Level One here around Portland. Plus regular dance classes all week and a mini-performance at the farmer’s market! It is nice to have a break in this over 100 degree heatwave we are having! whew… The dancers were all troopers in the heat, the long days and nights dancing and discussing tribal bellydance and beyond—we sightsee’d, I got to cook for them a few times, and we had an informal dance session with live music. They played with my goats and chickens and dogs and we walked around the farm.They danced and then got tested. It takes a while to get the dance and the knowledge in the bones and muscles and brains of the body. Not everyone passes the certification tests right away. We all worked hard and I am honored to be able to dance with such fine women who share the love of tribal bellydance! Congratulations goes to Sherry, Darby, and Angela for getting certified in CS1 this round!

Then we continued right into Teacher Training with Darby, Sherry,  Angela, and Merina (certified last year in CS1) and danced through the next three days.

Getting down to the nitty gritty technique of each move, the nuances, the music, the rhythms, the zils, there is so much involved in becoming a great dance teacher, combining business and art. We talked about a lot of it!  So great to share with all of us, we learn from each other. And we danced some more… and then we tested again! Congrats to Darby and Sherry for passing this round of tests!

I am thrilled to pass on, to share, to teach, coach, advise the dancers who wish to carry this tradition on, the ones who want to learn from the roots, and help them acheive their dance goals. I look forward to continuing to work and dance with these lovely ladies, and I wish them well on their new paths!

…loud zaghareets all around!

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