One More Thing, 7/27

The week flies by, I am swamped with my intensives in town this week. It has been fabulous so far, and I have two more days to go. The dancers are delightful, it is very hot, we dance and sweat and talk and dance, and then eat, drink wine, and celebrate our accomplishments. Some are on the road home, to take home what they learned, to share the love, and some are still here with me. Working, dancing, thinking… a lot about tribal. What does it all mean?

I guess that is my one more thing. My contribution towards our dance community, this week. More on that to come!

Either that, or I need you for my one more thing, I need to know what are you doing? I want to hear about your inspiration and ideas. We are all in this together, and how fabulous is that?

Thanks for all you do.

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