Dance to Word, continuing on…#3

Happy Sunday to you, this fine gorgeous day here in Portland is inspiring! Yard work, playing with my dogs, hanging out with my man, dancing at a party tonight, danced at an art festival yesterday, writing to you… a beautiful late summer day, before the crazy schedule kicks in…

How is your Power Practice going? I love hearing from you with these posts, and I am to enjoying this thread of ideas, this is blog #3 in this continuing thought of living with resonance! You can back up to read the last post here:

or just scroll down from there to read about Finding your Fabulousness!

I wrote about the act of Ahimsa, which is doing no harm to any living creature, including  yourself! Being able to say yes and to say no, to further yourself on your true path.To not stand in your way. The power in dance comes from letting your spirit soar and to not have your body in the way. That takes a long time to get there, but what an amazing feeling when you dance from that place. How about the rest of your life? That is hot stuff….

Now… what are you doing that feels right, that is the good stuff you know you are supposed to be doing? There is a beauty in truth, in listening to your truth, with that Ahimsa quality, and also with compassion. Does what your doing feel like that is what you are supposed to be doing? Does your spiritual self line up with your emotional self, with your physical self?

I know that I am doing the right work for me, because it just flows out of me, intuitively, instinctually, with knowledge, power, love, truth, compassion, strength. It excites and inspires me, which excites you, inspires you. It flows easy, and sometimes is just nonstop because it is Oh, so right! My job is to assist you in being the best dancer you can be, to give you the tools you need. And when I see my work come into fruition through you, then wow…my whole being just resonates with rightness, know what I mean?

When you know it, you can feel it, you can own it! And then you can spread it and share it from that place of love, of giving, of doing your work, without having to get something back. Because it is empowering, it is good work, your work. And you can live in joy and peace, in that place of  compassionate truth. Now that truly rocks!

So dig in, find that truth for you, write it, do it, own it and don’t be afraid to step up and yell it from a mountain top. That is a beautiful thing.

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