Dance to Word- thoughts on finding our own fabulousness!

For the next few days, or weeks, I want to write to you about YOU– about bringing vitality, happiness, authenticity, power, and resonance into your life. I am finding my work more and more fulfilling and poignant everyday, as I teach delightful dancers around the world, how to dance, about tribal dance, including writing about our dance and experiences, but also how tribal dance philosophies influence our everyday lives.
Improvisation, support, non-competitiveness, health, vitality, art, creation, community, strength, empowerment, beauty, leading, following, giving, sharing, adornment, being present, in the moment, listening, trusting….there are so many amazing factors the encompass our dance as we circle around with it.

Have you ever seen a dancer who does not look comfortable in her dance? Or that the dance does not look right on her? Like she is dancing someone else’s dance. Her spirit doesn’t shine, she looks squelched or out of her body.

Or what about a person doing a job that does not suit them? It makes them unhappy and it zaps the life right out of them.

What about the person that is constantly striving for that next thing, the place they want to get to, but never quite do?

Or the person who constantly belittles herself, you pay her a compliment, and she shuns your comment and makes a joke of herself. She sarcastically brushes off the nicety, stomping on herself on the floor, and you while she’s at it.

There are so many reasons for any of those scenarios.

But mostly, people are not living in a place of resonance.

By that I mean, they are not listening to their heart and soul, for whatever reasons–fear, fear of failure, fear of being a success, fear of not having a security, fear of prosperity, laziness, apathy. They are not acknowledging their worth.

Have you ever felt like you sabotage yourself, so that you don’t get what you truly want? You step in your own way. Say, to a healthy body, to lose 30 pounds, to a great job, to write a poem, to take a walk, whatever it is that would make you feel super fantabulous?  A dream perhaps, or even a nap! Small or big…

Ok, so what to you desire? What do you really want? In your life, in your dance, your art, your work?

Can you listen to yourself, trust your intuition, and gather a sense of self-worth?
How can you align yourself for what you really are and want?

I want to write about this, I have a few ideas I want to share with ou and I want you to write about it also. To get things out of your head, moving for you in the physical world. Why? I want to see your full potential. I see this and hear this constantly in my travels and my teachings. Apathetic, passionless stuff going on, because you get stuck or you are afraid to be fantastic.

Because the more fabulous we all are, the more fabulous we all are! Know what I mean? Good, fun stuff…and perhaps hard, but hey, go for it!

Woo hoo, this is big…
Can you start by making a list of what you have, right now, that is rocking your world. Take time to be grateful for it. Acknowledge it and yourself…woo hooooooo…how fabulous you are, right now.
Cool. That feels good, doesn’t it? Dang straight, you’ve got some pretty fab things going on.

But what do you need or desire to feel that you are fulfilling your dream, your life’s purpose, the work you were meant to do? Maybe you are where you want to be. Awesome…I love to hear that.
But for those of you who have a desire for that something else, like something is missing, you are not at your potential…
Now make a list of what you would like to have, to do, to bring into your life, so that you can live a more authentic life, with your self, your work, your dance, your art. Come on, start scribbling. A while back we wrote about what makes you you… continue on. What ever comes to your head and out your pen. Don’t edit, just write.
Take some time to ponder over both of those. Roll it over your tongue, swoosh it around your body, read the list again… Add or subtract. Have a giggle, shed a tear, share it here if you can, then let it go…

We will come back to this all week, to write about it, to think about it, to put some action to your words. Hell yeah… Let’s rock the planet with your awesomeness….because we are supposed to be here, we can make a difference, we can have what we desire, and we can also give back to the world. We can do what we are meant to do, and feel really great about it. And spread the love!

Let’s hear it…

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