Friday What I’m Loving…

*Vlogging with my GC dancers! We’ve got so much fun stuff to say and share with you. Which will be coming your way soon… just need to do a bit of study on Imovie! anyone out there can help me?!

*sightseeing with my pals, the Columbia Gorge and the waterfalls, and taking my dogs swimming, so delightful

**the end of summer bounty…ripe drippingly delicious heirloom tomatoes thinly sliced and places on top off Against The Grain gluten free rosemary baguettes (OMG my favorite!), broiled, slathered with vegan mayonaise, topped with some smoky mozzarella…now that is the epitome of summer!

**packing for my trip to Boston-NOT-I hate packing…but at least after all these years I’ve gotten pretty good at it! haven’t been to Boston in 40 years…any good veggie restaurant recommendations?

**getting my online classes soooo close to take off…they are looking great, I am so pleased! Got two series shot so far, and getting ready to do a few more… oh yea, we want to keep you dancing!

**and DVD 11 is on its way. here’s the cover for a teaser!

** tickets to see David Allan Coe tonight, Hank Williams III next week, and William Elliott Whitmore in Sept—mecca of music, my heart be still…so excited…plus Dwight Yoakum has a new album coming out…

*plus Jeff’s new 6/8 melody on the arghul (tha’t a long egyptian double reeded horn) is killer! cant wait for that recording to get finished…. (another tease!)

*For my birthday wish last week, we raised about $200.00 for In Defense of Animals! Thank you my generous and thoughtful friends. The world is a better place because you are in it! So important to think about what goes on around our own lives. Every little bit helps, counts, adds up! We can make a difference. Please remember that in every move  you make, everything you do, every action causes reaction… with love…

**By Phil Chan, July 18, 2012

“The arts make us who we are.

I got into dance because my mother sat next to a dancer from the Hong Kong Ballet on a flight back from San Francisco. For a child full of energy, dance seemed to be a great outlet for my inexhaustible nature. Twenty years later, it is a source of my greatest strength and a connection to my truest nature —- the focus of the daily class, the quiet inward moment of thanks I give to my parents before every show, the vulnerability of the stage, and the relief of the ovation. Dance has given me discipline, drive, curiosity, and has been the guiding light in my life in shaping who I am as a person. In my darkest moments, dance has been my steady comfort and greatest source of personal joy and exploration.”

*What do you listen to? Dance to? Any new tunes you want to share? Any sites you want me to look at? What causes do you support? Come on peeps, lets see what’s up for you? The web is an amazing place these days, so much oozing creativity–tidbits of wisdom, inspirations, words, photos, shows, etc… let’s keep it thriving by supporting and sharing!

Be the most brilliant light you can be…shine on my friends!


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