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What do you do when you’ve reached the end? Not the end of life, but the end of a time, or a project? A time that you foresaw in your future?  Maybe a small  thing, like finishing up a letter, or something bigger, like a year-end finale… something you had projected into the future for…a time when it would be finished.

What do you do?

I have finished off several rounds of winter and spring teaching and touring, something I had projected to be done by now, and it is, for now! And dang….I feel great! I feel awesome, relieved, released, free, and freakin’ exhausted too…but in a very good way. I feel rewarded and proud. I accomplished what I wanted. I ventured into new ground for my business, while continuing on with the tried and true. I’ve had amazing opportunities, both new and familiar. I traveled to new places as well as old ones. I taught young new inquisitive dancers as well as my amazing dancers who have continued to study with me, relentlessly.  With lots of studying, writing, and dreaming on the way.

But I have made sure to stay connected, to myself, and really enjoy each moment. To be grateful, and present, and mindful, and healthy. To do what I needed to do to maintain this crazy ass schedule, with the incessant travels and workshops and intensives and performances. One thing I might say is, never let me do this again, like this! Way too much stuff, even for a crazy obsessed gal like me….but I did it, and now it is time for a pause.

I also feel really energized in a different way now too, just knowing that my time coming up will be different, for me. My time. So what do I do?

Take that time to reflect, but also to just be…know what I mean? I get to enjoy my man, and my home, and my corgi dogs. Get to go glamping with my gal pals as well as my man friends too. Get to befriend my guitar again, and get ready for some honky tonk shows and gigs, and sing my little heart out. Give my workin’ hips just a short rest! And write, about my journeys, my dreams, and my projected visions to come. To be shared at a later time…

When you are done with something, what do you do?


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We want you to feel delicious in your body, to be vibrant and healthy and full of vitality. To have some time for yourself, to lavish yourself with empowerment, to experiment with your dance, to feel blissful in your body and to release your mind, soul, and body! By combining our backgrounds of Tribal Bellydance, African Dance, writing, yoga, healing, therapy, trance and meditation, we bring you this new course, first time online, to play with and enjoy over the next four weeks, and to continue on your journey, wherever that leads you.

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