after the pause! another…

So, home, after the tour, after the workshops, the intensives, the travels, the performances, the planning and scheduling, the packing and unpacking…I wrote about taking a pause. To get home, to reorganize, to just breath and be.


Now the new plans kick in! But what does that mean? It means a hiatus from this blog, it means a step inward, it means time to rekindle the flames… some flames that got doused and dampened, and some flames that have been just sparks. All good… but time to go in and listen and reorganize the inner voices and ¬†creative juices, while the reorganzing on the outside takes place too.

There are new developments happening, for me, and for you, my dancing artistic friends. All coming at you this summer and fall. With the Tribal Bliss classes about to kick in, some new filming for more online classes, some new writing, the new Master Teachers and their offerings, the new Collective Soul Experience, new website stuff, new Tshirts (coming at you tomorrow!), all the while dancing and journaling and laughing and loving and glamping and honky-tonkin’. Doesn’t that all sound fabulous? Freakin’ fabulous!

So don’t go away my audacious souls. You too, follow your inner and outer roads, keep the pen to the paper, the hips in motion, the heart open and loving, and I’ll be keeping you updated as we get closer and closer.

**In the meantime, get your Tribal Bliss on, registration starts June 2nd, right here…

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