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So welcome, welcome from me, Deirdre,photo-1

as guest editor for Taking Tribal Global, the portion of this blog that brings you dancers’s stories from around the globe-how cool is that? So I invite you into my Dance Den, my virtual cubbyhole a safe and beautiful space to think and discuss Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance  (TM) stuff. I hope you spare a few moments to read it and let me know what you think. This is a new format –this blogging for me–as opposed to the monthly E-newsletter, and Paulette and I want to fill you up, but not too often!  We have lots to share, other dancer’s stories to tell, music to be chatted about and danced to, dance experiences that relate to us all, but are yet, so individual to each. And we want YOU. I still need  your precious time to read, ponder, and humor me with your stories on what music moves your beautifully adorned hips and how Tribal style lights up your life – don’t hide it in your personal journal, but shout it out for all of us to hear!

Take a moment to acknowledge how your world is brighter with our fab dance in it and you dancing it!

I am just back from teaching a workshop, and there was a moment when everyone burst into spontaneous applause and zaghareeting about the dancing they’d done and how good they were feeling – which filled me to bursting with happiness. Ah, this dance rocks!

I have found my head and body busy these last weeks as I am on Paulette’s newest E-course The Tribal Quest Experience

Tribal Quest button week 5 of 6 as we speak, looking to challenge and push myself. It’s the first full online course I’ve taken (as opposed to classes) and there’s a focus on creativity as well as other topics—yoga, cross-training, nutrition, drilling, journaling. I have found my head busy as well as my body, but I am enjoying the challenge of making the time for me and seeing how it benefits me as well as those around me– the old adage of taking care of yourself to take care of others!

So, look out for a monthly column… “In their own words…” . This will be delightful snippets and stories from some of our dancing sisters about all things Tribal. Again, I ask you to send me your own stories! Write it down and send it up!

And please feel free to share this blog and our dance world of celebration and wellness with others. Let’s extend our fabulous family in this funky, earthy, groovy, Tribal Bellydance world.

I am so happy you are here to share in this delectable world of dance and tribal and community. Many thanks to you…

Hugs and shimmies, Deirdre

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