And being Friday –what is rocking my world?

How has your week gone, my friends? Are you ready for the weekend?

And being Friday –what is rocking my world?

Well, first of all, YOU are, and welcome all of my new subscribers…I am thrilled you are here to join us, across the globe, for a world of wellness, happiness, fitness, and celebration!

And about my new website, ( even with the final tweaks and the where did it go’s, I’m in love with the new look for me, for Gypsy Caravan, and all things Tribal….the clicking and links are easier, I loved rewriting all my copy, because, hey, it really makes you think about what you do, and who you are, and how to tell the world. My designer kicked my ass to pair down, edit, delete, a good thing, and there is still lots going on in my, and my dancers’ world. And I so love to share that. And it has also got my writing groove on again…you’ll be reading that coming up…

And tell me in the comments how the site feels for you!

OH, and the shopping is MUCH EASIER! woo hoo…

And now ALL of my Tribal Technique DVDs are available for digital download-woo hoo-pretty excited about having that to offer you too…and how crazy fun to see all the different costuming and hair changes over the years…

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And I rewrote my Tribal Manifesto, if you are a new subscriber, you received it when you signed up, and if you’ve been with me, I’m attaching the link for the pdf here for you-Paulette’s Tribal Manifesto 2013.six pages of yumminess…And I’d love to hear what you think of it, below, in the comments..

And I’ve just been licensed to teach Zumba ®! — got a little booty shaking going on! Add that to my Tribal Grooves and we are rockin in…and will be at our Breitenbush retreat…

And so thrilled to have added the incredible Darshan (Cammi Vance) to our instructors lineup for

The 21st year… 


Tribal Vision, Tribal Bliss- a movement journey
at Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit Oregon
A women’s weekend of Tribal Bellydance, and so much more
With Paulette Rees-Denis and Carol Vance of Gypsy Caravan Dance Company…

With Lynea Gillen, and 


A women’s weekend of Tribal Bellydance and so much more

This is a weekend for all women, new dancers as well as seasoned dancers!


Alrighty, so many fine things going through the interweaves and webs…of course I have some to pass on to you that I think you will dig too…

Every day brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes, and dance. -Oprah Winfrey


This is water…


How to be Happy Instead of Right

“…I love to remember this rule of improv when someone is saying something I don’t agree with, because all life is improv. We’re all on this stage, learning the lines as we go. And if you contradict your partner, not only will neither of you have fun, but your interaction will be flat…”


And I LOVE this: Thank you Sas!

…almost everything we think we have to do is bullshit…


Now we are talking about some women art!


Green Gestures–Easy, every day actions you can start right now to help the environment. Retale provides weekly shopping offers online to save paper. Through the initiative Green Gestures, our goal is to reduce the long-term effects of the blogosphere’s CO2 output by planting trees to help reduce their carbon footprint..


I so enjoy everything they do at Vegan Sparkles!

Eating For Energy, new ebook from


Play is one of the highest spiritual forms of being.

When we’re in that state, we get lost in ourselves,

which allows the mind to receive the message of the spirit.

-Ellie Katz


And so, let us shimmy on down the Tribal path, have a delicious and PLAYFUL weekend, and again, thanks for being here…



Want to know more about

Tribal Bliss — Dance and Vision
Next online course starts January 13-February 3rd, 2014!

square_TribalBliss1… a movement journey …With Paulette Rees-Denis and Lynea Gillen… an incredibly fun,  refreshing,  and liberating four week e-course…

Check it out and get registered!

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