Deirdre’s Taking Tribal Global – Amanda Richardson — Feeling the Tribal Magic!

IMG_3843Deirdre Takes Tribal Global – Amanda Richardson — Feeling the Tribal Magic!

Love and dance make the world go round, as Amanda Richardson from Wisconsin, USA shares with us. Amanda is a Master Teacher with Gypsy Caravan Tribal Style Bellydance® , AND a member of Gypsy Caravan Dance Company International, as well as directs her own troupe, Stellamani! In a few short months time I will get a chance to meet her at Tribal Fest in California! Will we see you there?! Paulette will be teaching a couple of workshops and Gypsy Caravan Dance Company (from around the globe)  is performing with the Caravan Project band! (more info below, but first)


Amanda writes: amanda 1

Amanda with her Collective Soul Group September 2014: Mandy Gosse, Eileen Hoffman, Amanda, Terri Thompson, Jane Lundwell

I’ve been teaching Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® for over 10 years.  I’m always prouder of whatever my students do, more so than anything I do. However, teaching Collective Soul (Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance Certification Intensives) is a completely different thing all together. Right before my eyes I get to see women transform, realize their dreams, bloom into vibrate lovely beings just vibrating with the tribal spirit.  They work for it, and they work really hard.  The type of women who sign up for this intensive are hungry for the dance but get so much more from the experience.  They get a map for their dreams — they delve into their souls and find out exactly what their heart wants, and for many how to put that energy and love into expression with their dance.  You see the true tribal experience need never be put on stage, it is felt in the heart and through dance is expressed to our dance partners and the world.

Amanda, top left with her troupe Stellamani
Amanda and Paulette performing at Tribal Revolution








I’ve been dancing Paulette for a long time and performing with her for a bit over 3 years. So, to be honest I had never seen the troupe perform without me, live.  I got the treat when I went to Portland for a month for work. It was at Edgefield, a venue outside of Portland that hosts a yearly day long celebration party. The space was full of trees, like a European grove. The sun peaked through the trees and there were oriental carpets on the ground and live musicians playing ancient sounding melodies. Smoke and delicious food smells filled the air. Then, the stage was flooded by dancing women. Their energy overtook the place. Their smiles and joy– the excitement and happiness of just dancing together was palpable. As a dancer (and an analytical scientific mind) I expected to note the familiar moves they choose, the formations, how well they danced to the music. I expected to be thinking “I know those moves, I should have chosen to dance instead of watch so I could experience that joy I get from dancing.” Instead I was so overwhelmed by their joy. The amazing power of almost 20 women whom I know don’t dance together regularly, dancing their hearts out. Joyful…primal. I felt it from the audience too. They were eating it up. They were entranced by the energy– joyful themselves being brought into the magic that was being woven before their eyes.

Dancing magic at Edgefield

When I started dancing I wanted my dance to say “come and dance with me.”  What I realized was that the spirit of tribal bellydance is saying experience this joy with us.  Abandon your fears, abandon your life, the “I can’t” or the “I won’t”  thoughts, and for just a minute be here with us. In this moment be joyful with us… drop you worry and doubt and release that energy and fill yourself with this energy we are creating. In dance we are moving to release those things that bind us and filling ourselves with the vibration of the earth and love. As followers in the dance and audience members we are acknowledging this transformation and seeing the dancer being released and recognizing her for who she is, for who we all are…deserving of love.


Thanks Amanda, such great observations, and what an experience! AND Amanda is teaching another session of Collective Soul coming up in April! You can email her at

Milwaukee, Wisconsin with Amanda Richardson–April 24th — 27th, Collective Soul Level 1 & Level 2

And you, dancers out there…what do you think? Share with us in the comments below… And do you want to tell your story and share it? Please contact me at Deirdre’s Taking Tribal Global and we can start chatting.  Share with me how your dance journey is going so far in 2015  – what else are you are planning or are actually doing with your dance! I look forward to hearing your stories!

Yours in dance,

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Glasgow, Scotland with Deirdre Macdonald– March 19th – 22nd, Collective Soul level 1
Milan, Italy with Cinzia DiCioccio–April 11-12, Collective Soul Level 1, April 18-19, CS Level 2
Milwaukee, Wisconsin with Amanda Richardson–April 24th — 27th, Collective Soul Level 1 & Level 2
Perth, Australia with Nina Martinez – June 2rd – 6th, Collective Soul level 1 & Level 2
Innisfail, Australia with Nina Martinez — September 2nd–6th, Collective Soul level 1 & Level 2
Mexico City, Mexico with Paulette — September 23rd-29th, Collective Soul Levels 1, 2, & 3, plus Teacher Training Level 1
Glasgow, Scotland with Deirdre Macdonald —  October 1-4, 2015, Collective Soul Levels One and Two
Auckland, New Zealand with Nina Martinez — September, 2015

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Coming up:

Paulette Rees-Denis and Gypsy Caravan Dance Company, with the Caravan Project band…

Tribal Fest 15
Sebastopol, CA May 13-17!

2 fantastic new workshops and special performances
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WOWOWO — And the Caravan Project band plays live with with Gypsy Caravan Dance Co, Black Sheep Bellydance, and Family Reunion show with Paulette, Carolena Nericcio, Jill Parker, and Kajira Djoumahna!
Saturday night around 7pm

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