Dance and Desire–Just do it!

Dance and Desire–Just do it!

I have always stepped outside of my box. if there is something I did not like, I changed it. Or ignored it. I made my own path. I went where I felt was a good creative move. In my dance world, way back in the beginning days of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ®. Following my heart. I have never lived with the But’s, or what if’’s, or the she said’s, or any of the negatives. Always trying to release what the others have done or are doing, and just go my own way.

So I invite you to do the same…

If you live in the shadow of someone else’s negative stuff, what someone has said or done, then you are not in your own true alignment for your life. Dig into your soul and find what speaks to you, with light and love, not those negative vibes of what has come before or what is beside you. Remember, you are the amazing creatirix of your own life.

So change your freakin’ story!

Those are my words these days.

Why do you live for talkin’ about what the others do?

You say, yeah, but, this is what they said, or these are the rules they imposed. Well, what do you do if you don’t like it? You can accept it with love, and carry on. Let it be, with your heart.


Move on and try it your way, somewhere else. But don’t live in the negative.

They say, you can’t dance in that restaurant because of your dance style. Then why do you even want to dance there? Go dance in an art festival instead. See the light, my friends.

Make it what you want. It is not hard. Get creative and fired up! Don’t let anyone stop you.

You say, I can’t afford it. That means you won’t afford it. You won’t allow yourself to have it…is it always someone else’s fault? If you continue to say, I can’t afford it, then of course you can’t. You keep telling yourself, and everyone else, that you can’t! Your reality. Speak your truth, or change your story. NO blame people.

If you want it with your heart, you will find a way. Just do it.

Follow your passion.

You are in dance class, or any class, and your teacher is helping you by giving you a correction. You say, Oh, I know, but I’ve had a bad day, or I’m tired, or…. Really my friends? Think about that moment. Your teacher is there to help you, not listen to your reasons for not making yourself better. Open your heart and listen to what she/ he is giving you. Some input. Be gracious, listen. No excuses…

Yes vulnerability, room for growth, time for you! But no excuses!

In my classes I teach you to move forward with intention—dancing with an open heart, leading from your creative core–uplifted, proud, head up, arms wide, eyes open, and yes even vulnerable, but with love. With grace and beauty, and your own fantastic power of self.

Keep doing that!

So many things and ideas we do in my dance classes are so valuable in day to day life. That is why I say Tribal is a lifestyle. This dance teaches us so much about not just learning the dance steps, but about being human, about moving through life with grace and ease and beauty and acceptance. And going after our creative selves. Living the life we desire. And learning about what we truly desire!

Dance and Desire. How exciting is that? (That online course is coming at you this summer!)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow, what do you really want to do today?

Do it!

And if you need some help, may I suggest my Tribal Bliss- Dance and Vision, 4 week online class? To help you move that body, dig in a little deeper, and find your feel good place!

And then tell us about it in the comments below! woohoo…

So much love for you,


What’s coming up?

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