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 Deirdre’s Taking Tribal Global…

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Hello from springtime Scotland. I love to bring you stories and snippets from around the Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® world. Today I share with you…

ElderMuse ™

ElderMuse: Barbara, Patricia, Annie and Rima (from left to right)

Dancing and music is for all, for life, to feed the mind and body, sustains the spirit and keeps us young! The story I want to share with you demonstrates all that and more from Rima Luna and her amazing ladies of ElderMuse™.

ElderMuse™ are a group of women in North Carolina, whose common denominator is that they want to have an active life grounded in rhythm and rhythmic movement. They don’t just want to listen or watch music but actively engage in making the music and dancing with it in their hearts. But they also want to share their love and joy of this dance in their communities so ElderMuse™ was recently formed. With their ages ranging from 67 to 82 at present, they radiate well-being and an appetite for life those that watch, participate in classes or connect with them feel this lust for rhythm and life! What is age but a number!

_DSC5061As with all groups of women coming together in music and dance each has a story to tell, the good and the challenging and the connection and support that tribal bellydance and music provides radiates a wellness in body and spirit that is a joy to see. These photographs are inspiring! They say that “not everything is perfect but that in spite of or even because of adversity and disappointment, life still holds promise, excitement, beauty, fulfillment, challenge, and just plain fun! ”

Some have been dancing Tribal Bellydance longer than others and some are also learning or play frame drum and dumbek. These beautiful ladies and souls are led by Rima Luna, who hosted and studied with Paulette many years ago in Pennsylvania,  and include Barbara, Patricia and Annie. Recently they launched their music and dance  to a very complimentary audience. There was one lady, age 94 ,who couldn’t walk, but danced with her arms and happily played a drum.

_DSC8454eldermusecircle. jpg

“You don’t stop dancing when growing old, you grow old from stopping to dance” (Anon)

 Thank you Rima, for the light you bring to the world. I smile broadly when I see these photos and hear the words of ElderMuse™. And thank you ladies…may you keep on sharing the music and dance.

Dance on my friends, thanks for being here…


Want to share your stories with me? There are so many amazing tales to  be told, about how the dance is part of your life… let’s all celebrate together!

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