Dance and Desire and Friday Bling

Dance and Desire and Friday Bling 

Greetings from Ohio…

And welcome many new visitors to my blog, where on Fridays I share other folks with you… their amazing work, inspired passions, sometimes videos, stories, songs, photos, poems, whatever moves me during the week, I love to pass it on… So enjoy!


How has your week been, my friends?

Visiting the midwest this week, the past few days and nights have been incredibly alive with giant light shows of outrageous lightning and house shaking kabooms of thunder storms, plus car stopping sunsets. Truly magnificent, these bouts of nature. Having grown up with these types of storms, I miss them on the west coast,and although we have lots of rain in Portland, rarely do we have these displays of natural forces. They are just amazing, awe-inspiring, breath-taking, scary, and huge. I am delighted to have witnessed them on this trip.

Collective Soul Level Two, Online has started this week, and I am so enjoying working with these dancers, with our online videos, journaling, and video communications. It is so rewarding to me to watch as these students dive in, to really dance with their whole body and soul, and to truly understand why they dance and what they have to give to the dance as an art form and a lifestyle.

Plus I have just finished up my last article in the 3-part series I have written for Zaghareet Magazine on The Tribal Lifestyle. Passing on the dance in all these ways—besides in person, through my online classes and certification courses, through writing and blogging, with The Caravan Project Dance troupes forming around the globe—my goal is to strengthen the dance bonds, spread the Tribal love, and guide these amazing artisans to live their passion, create their art, and in some cases, share how to be a great teacher, with skill and theories, techniques as well as soul searching questions, wellness and whole body awareness, health and love… I am so glad you are here with me on these diverse yet focused journeys with me. And to share yours is so freakin’ amazing.

and now on to the goodies I have to share!

Friday Bling

Perceived Scarcity in a World of Outrageous Abundance……Michael Hyatt


Jewels Branch has all kinds of great offerings for you!

Hannah Jewell shares some fun bits…

I would love to have this done for me! You? Adria, you rock…

One brave cowgirl tells her story…

Food matters! Yay!

If you’re after inspiration to take charge and change the lives of your loved ones and local community, then this is it!


Change what you eat to feel better!

How incredible is this?

So my friend, have an amazing weekend… let me know what moves you this week.. share if you wish in the comments…love to hear from you!




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