You are Enough 

Sometimes… you have to start before you are ready… as I tell my teacher trainees, and as I’ve told myself on numerous occasions. Nothing like a deadline to kick your ass, the calendar to make you get up and start… This is not about perfection, this is about glorious fun and shining and sharing, and owning what you do and what you love!

I see women holding themselves back, wound tight with the I’m not enough-ness crap. And I’m here to say, as you teacher and your coach, STOP… see your beauty, your knowledge, your skill, know what you need and want, but also know what you have NOW…

Conditions of enoughness… one of my coaches taught me about this just this year…

Set yourself up for success, my friends, acknowledge what you are now is enough and fabulous. And then allow for the expansion and creation and allowance of the beautiful you. Of fulfilling your desires. Of stepping into your glory. And making sure that you know how delicious you are, as is…You don’t have to conquer the world today. Know that any step you take is good, little or big, and that is often enough today. To get you motivated and moving.

There is always room for more, for change, for growth and expansion and contribution. The overwhelm can stop you. Too much to do, too many things on that list, a too full calendar. So, take is slower.. easy… one foot in front of the other!

Yes, sometimes you have to start before you feel ready. You really want to. Fear… holds you back. Self-sabotage.

But one step…take the one…feel the momentum start to build and how you feel after that one…

Then you can step off the cliff, break through the wall one little brick at a time, jump on the treadmill…Gather your glory and then let ‘er rip!

The world needs what you have to offer and give. Fill yourself up, find your bliss, get your groove on, let yourself shine. Be audacious!

Quietly or loudly, no matter…as long as you feel it inside, from your womb to your heart to your soul…that you are doing what you truly desire, what is right for you, alone, no one else… and know you are enough now and let it glow!

With that power, you can step it up into anything you desire…

Make sense? So tell me, what have you been waiting for? To do, to create, to offer? A song, a class, a poem, a meal? Take your first step toward that, and see how your momentum feels… how does it make you feel inside to make that first move? Acknowledge that! And keep going…

And share with us…what you are aiming for, what you want, and what you are doing to get there…it does feel great to share, to write it, to say it out loud. I know you can do it.

I feel you,



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