Fear and asking for help!

Fear and asking for help!

One of the things that I have realized as I have gotten older and also grown my dance and heart-centered business is that I don’t have to do it all! And learning how to ask for help is an important step on the road to being human.

Know what I mean?

Even though I am basically a small one-woman business, I still need help. And just living day to day, sometimes I need help. For work, I may hire a VA (Virtual Assistant), or sometimes I ask my troupe mates and friends, and sometimes I ask my husband. For life issues, you have friends, family, neighbors. And maybe even a stranger.

And what else I have learned is that although it makes me feel vulnerable to ask for help, BUT it is OK to ask for help.  Really…And it is wise to know your limitations and face your fears, whether business or personal. (preferably before you get into a situation!) We all have something that is hard to do, or a fear, or a limit. And it does take courage to step up and ask. And it is important to be safe and have trust…oh my…

I have always been very independent, strong, even stubborn, wanting to do it all on my own. I am not comfortable with being vulnerable, but it does not make me less of a woman or business person! Right? It makes me human. And it is like getting rid or armor! Whoa…breaking down that wall of bricks…

Here’s what happened. The other day I was in a situation, and I was STUCK, and feeling very vulnerable. And embarassed. In a quandary, what the hell was I to do…so I called a friend and had THREE amazing women come to my rescue! (so many thanks to Renee, Karen, and Martha Jane!!) And really folks, it was a rescue. Out on a mountain pass pulling my trailer, I needed help. I had a fear. They dropped everything and came to help me…for almost 2 hours. Wow…. That is friendship and love. But I had to ask for help to get it.

Really, after the fact, it was not that hard to pick up my phone and make a call, but at the time, I was beside myself. It took me ½ hour to dial the freakin number. Everything turned out super fine. We fixed everything together, and I could not have done it without them–my sisters! So grateful for that, and it made me look at that being vulnerable thing! And get over it…

Yes, you can ask for guidance, help, a hand, whatever is needed. When you do, you may get a NO, but you may get a YES… and you keep asking for what you need help with, and you persevere and find a way to get help. So you can move on, face the fear, allow the vulnerability, and get on with it.

My friends, it is ok to be vulnerable. It is ok to ask for help. (Brene Brown does a great TED talk on Vulnerability if you haven’t seen it yet–I highly recommend it!) And knowing what you need and desire is number one.

In my coaching, this idea of asking for help is part of what I guide you through, and taking the steps to moving forward with what you want and need, of what you dream of, and to let go of the fear that is holding you back and not letting you gain control and live fully. I believe in everyday magic and making our bodies healthy, moving with pleasure, and our spirits full of beauty and delight, going after what we want, allowing the abundance to flow in and out. And it does not have to be hard. Think that you can be a possibilitarian!

What is holding you back?

Are you fearful of starting that new business? Moving your body because you haven’t in so long? Want to dance but afraid to look in the mirror? Giving yourself Self-care at its finest? Saying yes to you? Writing that book? Wanting to be  a dance teacher? What is it you want? Let’s lay it out and build it for you… Life is so fabulous and so worth giving your all to… for you, which then in turn helps all around you! What do you want to do? What have you got to give?

Let me know if I can help… I am here for you, my friends… Life Coaching with me!






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What’s coming up?

Tribal Grooves Teacher Training

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Columbus Ohio, July 30, almost sold out — one spot left!

Cairns Australia September, contact Nina

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Paulette will also be in Austin, TX for the Migrations Festival in January, and in Mexico City in March!

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Online with Paulette Rees-Denis — 

Collective Soul Level One, Online — October 9th– 30th, 2016

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Collective Soul Levels One and Two and Three—

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    • May 19-20 Collective Soul Two
    • June 4-5    Collective Soul Three
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    • Sept 3-4  Collective Soul One, Workshops
  • Forres, northern Scotland- with hostess Caroline Bury
    • 24-25th September Collective Soul One, workshops
  • Innisfail, Australia with Nina Martinez
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    • September 5-8 , 2016–Collective Soul Level 1 & 2, plus Tribal in the Tropics–workshops–Sept 10-11,
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    • September 12-16, Collective Soul Level 3 and Teacher Training Level 2 with Paulette!
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