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Feeling great moving your body– Tribal Grooves™!


Even as a young dancer, like 11 or 12 years old, in my growing up classical dance years, I loved choreography. In my jazz classes, along with ballet and tap, I was quick with remembering the steps and loved to let the dance move out of me. Back then I thought I would be a ballerina or a jazz dancer (enter my love for Bob Fosse!). So when I first started bellydancing with Carolena before we became FatChanceBellyDance ® (30 years ago), learning to improvise with the tribal based steps blew my mind. Twisting my head around that, after I got the hang and confidence of creating in the moment, I realized and felt the magic and power of improvisation, in a group of dancers! Whoa… super powerful, brain challenging (in a good way), and the connection with myself and the other dancers was incredible! And that is the basis of my style of Tribal—Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®!

Fast forward 25 years later and I have come back full circle to choreography for this new and energizing format called Tribal Grooves™.

I hear all of the whispering questions out there about just WHAT is Tribal Grooves™?!!!

-Something I am passionate about, and am so excited to be ale to finally offer you!

-A dance format I’ve been building, dreaming, talking about, practicing, experimenting with…

-A dance form based on the wide variety of fabulous moves and stylings of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®.

-A feel-good dance, a body workout, a glisten-inducing, joyful movement, a toning and strengthening fitness style that is uber fun, both fast and slow paced, with no need for competition, performance, or costume anxiety…

-A way to feel freakin great in your body and enjoy dancing, no matter what skill level or dance experience you have…

-A class to kick start your body, dance, sweat, get fit, laugh, move, try something different, dance something familiar, with those hip shaking and sensual body isolation type moves, with music to make you shimmy, and put a great glow on!

-A dance for every woman…

            Why women? Because we use some of the structured and beautiful Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® moves, which are based on feminine bodies, history, movement, and our special creative essence…

(Actually men like this dance too, but I teach it from a woman’s point of view and in a woman’s body!)

I’ve been teaching this style, in workshops and weekly classes for almost 2 years, planning the methods to bring it to more of you, my dancing friends. Obviously I can’t be the only one teaching this, so I have developed a Teacher Training program for YOU, the women who want to teach this!

For the student dancer:

This is similar, yet totally different than dancing my Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® way, but it is based on that movement, adding in strength building, aerobic type workouts, meditative movements, with all kinds of dance tunes! It is not about performance, or perfecting technique. For every woman who just wants to dance and have a workout.

I want you, the student, to leave that classroom with body awareness and knowing that you have done something you enjoyed, worked your body and soul, laughed, tried something different, connected with others, and energized yourself for a happier and healthier you!

It is not a Bellydance class, it is not about learning all the technique details. You may not want to learn to be a bellydancer, but just love the feminine power and shapes that we use, because they feel so good on the body. You may decide to study deeper and further and take Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® classes to learn the art form. But Tribal Grooves™ is about just dancing! And feeling great. And enjoying yourself and your body.

That’s what I’m talking about!

Now how does that sound to you???

For the Teacher:

I want you if you want to become one of my teachers, whether you have never taught or have been teaching a long time, no matter, come and join me in my one day intensive to get you on your feet and moving and learning how to teach this class. You have a desire to teach and guide women on a fabulous journey, and have a drive, a go-getting, self-motivational, and entrepreneurial spirit, with a love of dance and feeling great in your body.

I have built up a grand library of simple to more complex choreographies, that you, the instructor learn and memorize. We add in drills and warm ups, walks, cool downs, even snippets of other genres of dance to get a great one hour class and workout. (You may opt for more study with my online classes too, to be the best you can be!)

I give you both dance and business skills (coaching!) to build your classes, style, and business, with monthly tuneups, new choreos, music inspirations, and that includes being part of a private group of global teachers to chat with and inspire each other.

And if you don’t want to be a teacher, but want to take this class on a weekly basis, recommend this to your teacher!

So now is your time! Expand the Gypsy Team Spirit and build your dancing community to include this weekly style class, at your gym, dance studio, workout space.

For all of you:

Why do I do this? I love to dance. Simple. Love it! I feel great when I move and wake my body up. I enjoy feeling the beat of the music with my own rhythms, with my hips and arms and heart and soul.

AND my soul purpose is to get you moving and feeling great. I want you to enjoy moving your body; that is my dream. And I love to guide women on journeys to live their dreams, be successful, in pleasure and business…

What say you? Ready to step up to a different level of dance and teaching and feeling good in your body?

Get certified! Next Teacher Training is coming right up in Portland, OR…

Saturday, July 16, 11am-5 pm!

Six hours, learn the format, enjoy the dance, build your dream.

Come and join us…(see below for other dates and locations!)


If you need hotel and restaurant recommendations, or carpooling help, let me know… You would fly into Portland airport, PDX, and it is an easy commute to the studio.

Let’s get your Tribal Groove on!

I am so looking forward to dancing with you…

With so much appreciation and gratitude…


More dates around the globe!

Next dates in Portland, Saturday July 16, 2016, and 

In Columbus, Ohio–Saturday July 30th! (almost sold out–one space left!)

Register here…

ALSO coming to Cairns, Australia, September 2016, contact Nina

and in Auckland, New Zealand in September, 2016, contact Christine

Portland in October 8th, 2016, with Paulette

Florida in May 2017, contact Sherry

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