Friday Bling and here’s the thing!

Friday Bling and here’s the thing!

For a few years now I have done this weekly blog post, now called Friday Bling, used to be named Friday what is rockin my world, where I have shared with all of you, my readers, the wondrous goings on around the globe—people, poetry, recipes, networks, dance troupes—anything that has lit a fire in my soul that I felt worthwhile sharing. I have loved doing this every (ok, skipped only a few) Friday for a loooonggg time. Because I, like a voyeur of sorts, love to see what others are doing in our world, the differences they are making, the passions they are living, the art they are creating, and so much more. To read about these people who are rockin it, living their passions, inspiring others to live the life of their dreams, creating a real business, realigning their lives, going through hard times and coming out of it, cooking great food, living with compassion for the earth and all the creatures, and on and on… and I have loved sharing it with you, my tribe.

But sometimes the silence of the tribe is deafening, and I wonder why I continue to do write this weekly part of my blog. Wondering what you want to read about. What moves you.

I hear back from a few of you, on occasion, with a thank you, or a wow, that really touched my soul, reply. I have asked you to comment and tell me which shares resonated with you, to well over 1700 subscribers, over and over again. So I know what you want. But rarely do I hear back from you. Some of you tell me in person how much you look forward to my Friday shares, or write a private email, but don’t share publicly….and I get it, hey, if it is not your thing to take a few and reply back, no worries.

So in thinking about this, the one thing I am in the process of is staking claim on is my time. I have begun to realize how much I do outside of my possibilities! Any of you like that? Give too much, and lose yourself in the process. I love blogging, I love writing, I love sharing my experiences, I love sharing my dance.

This summer, I find myself shifting into a different phase, an older, wiser woman phase. Heck, I’m even letting my bleached blond go gray, and am loving it. Really. With excitement. My time is different these days. Deeper moments, more joyful, personal moments. Continuing to learn a deeper gratitude for what I have built, and how I want to live and spend my time. And that makes my heart skip a beat.


Now my writing is different. Taking a slightly different turn. Much of my focus is now not only on my personal experiences, and yours, but my continuing and newly developing Dance and Desire work with you on your writing, along with your dance and your movement and your healing and wellbeing. And that thrills me over the sun and the moon and the stars! I have gone full circle, again, where I write write write, and then I read read read and then I share share share. I go in, then I listen, then I create, then I dance, then I create some more, then I write crazy, then I dream board, then I hibernate. My cycle continues, around and around. I want to dive in, go deeper, open up, discover more my intense yet simple desires. I feel a change, a vulnerability, but a heart opening of what I now need to share and heal and teach and guide.

So I have decided to move on from my Friday Bling blog, and from sharing what is rocking my world. This is awesome news for me, as I am learning how better and more wisely to use my time, so that it works better for me, and ultimately for you! I continue to read and peruse the internet, and read what is amazing in our world. I love being awestruck, and inspired, and knocked down from these incredible folks, and simple folks, and just what goes on in my world, our world. I need that and want that. But sharing that is not part of what I need to be doing now.

And I claim my time.

With the new Dance and Desire options coming up for me and for you, that is where my energy lies, my online teaching–which I am loving, since I choose not to travel so much anymore And I have come to a place where I can pick the real special times for travel and teaching in person, and the powerful options of being able to connect with you online, in a super beautiful, inspiring and evocative way.

Oh, and I so desire you to share this journey with me and come along… more info on that next week!

Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most. Guatama Buddha

The other side of this lesson for me, and for you, is if you love something or someone, let them know how much what they are, and what they do means to you. Never take anything for granted, never assume it will be here tomorrow, never take the quiet or lazy route if you feel like you want to share some word or some love, or never put off what you can do now, procrastination is not the answer, the living in the moment is the WOW,… in love, in life, in passion, in dreams.

Tell them, do it, for yourself, love, shout it from a mountain top, open your heart, write your words, shake your hips, dance a little longer, walk a little further, take extra loving care of your temple, today, give your time, donate, tell someone how awesome they are, smile at someone on the street, make that homeless guy a sandwich, take that class, further your career (now), quit that job, wear that pink tutu, don the red lipstick, get a divorce, take an extra long bubble bath, have another orgasm, go vegan, marry your girlfriend, apologize to your neighbor, shut up about someone else’s creative process or business, support everyone in their efforts, hit the road, laugh more, gather your tribes, move it and groove it, share a meal, desire to live… really desire and acknowledge yourself and how special you are in the world, and how special every living creature is. Honor your time.

What DO you Desire?

So I am honoring myself, and

allowing more human being time, instead of human doing!

And in doing so, I can bring to you more meaningful words and classes and ideas. For without my time, I have no time for anyone else. And it is all about the love!

Many many bright blessings, much peace and love to you, and a ginormous smile coming your way…

I love you…my heart is open and excited!

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Watch for Dance and Desire, next week!

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