Friday Bling and the Caravan Project CD release!

Friday Bling, music, my next ecourse, and just good stuff…for you



This was my truthbomb this morning…and that is exactly the mode that I have been in for the past few weeks… constant creation…so exciting…so refreshing…and sometimes mind boggling and full when I have soooo much I want to put in the creativity packet. In fact, this morning was a morning of creative exhaustion, when so much is flying into and out of my brain and my body… I had to rest… my body would not let me continue on with my day until I took a few hours of down time…ok, I give in, I said to myself! So I got my mystery book, a lounge chair, some mint tea, and read lying in the glorious sunshine to regenerate my whole being…and it was GLORIOUS!

Self-care at it’s most basic need… rest! How many of you don’t allow yourself to have rest time? I’ve been so much better at taking care and listening to myself these days…but sometimes I, too, can get caught up in the fury of that mode, especially against deadlines, and the overload and overwhelm of too much…

so I say STOP, people, relax and enjoy, and that makes it all the easier to honor self, spread the love and feel freakin’ great!


That being said, I have lots of good bling and news for you too!

Friday Bling


A heart warming story

And more goodness!


and great quotes! Which one is your favorite?201504-orig-lamott-480x480

Anyone need this book?



Read my friend! For sooooomany reasons!


dance now…cuteness!


more goodness to think about…really


Here are a few salesy items for you too!

You can get your own Truthbomb Deck here!

Cuz, I love these, and pick one every morning when I sit at my desk…

deck_8 23

ok, NOW…drum roll…

It is here, and so good!

The new CD from the Caravan Project! 

The Walk to Nowhere

W139 PSDReady to dance now?

Get yours here!

**And lastly…for you to ponder over the weekend… to see if this ecourse is right for you!

Collective Soul Online, Level One

Collective Soul certifiedOur certification intensive starting August 2nd, 2015!

Opening for registration starting June 1st, 2015…

Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®

Collective Soul Online Level One with Paulette Rees-Denis,

Are you ready?

For some personal time to move and write, breathe and question, and get your groove on?

This is for you if you

  • Want to be the best dancer you can be? Using Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance!
  • And you desire the physical, spiritual, and emotional connection with yourself that you have been waiting for!
  • Want to improve your body skills, posture, and confidence?
    Want to dig in deep to pursue your dance dreams and desires?
  • Connect with your body, mind, and spirit for a total Tribal experience?
  • Understand the roots of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® ?

Read more here…

More info to come next week on this too…

Ok, my sweet friends! Many thanks for being here… and may you have plenty of delicious rest and down time this weekend… enjoy all that you are! I adore that you are here with me…

and hope to see many of you at Tribal Fest in California next weekend… Road trip time for the Gypsies…

love you,


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