A short little video for you–Gypsy Caravan’s Collective Soul ecourse coming soon!


I’ve got another short little video for you!

I love the idea of talking directly to you…what do you think? Do you enjoy a quick little 3 minute video from me? And I wanted to just tell you a little bit more about the

Collective Soul Online Level One

certification intensive starting August 2nd, 2015!

Level One is opening for registration starting June 1st, 2015…

Are you ready?

  • For some personal time to move and write, breathe and question, and get your groove on?

This is for you if you

  • Want to be the best dancer you can be? Using Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®!
  • And you desire the physical, spiritual, and emotional connection with yourself that you have been waiting for!
  • Want to improve your body skills, posture, and confidence?
    Want to dig in deep to pursue your dance dreams and desires?
  • Connect with your body, mind, and spirit for a total Tribal experience?
  • Understand the roots of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® ?

With the possibility of moving on into our Teacher Training program, oh yes!

Every time I experience Collective Soul I feel that it moves me further along my own path of authenticity. It is so holistic, intense – the connections, reflections, soul searching. It reaffirms why I live this beautiful dance and I settle deeper and deeper into my own skin and into who I am. It inspires me to dance on, to develop my own dance and to share the joy that it brings with others – not just in dance but in life. 
And thank you Paulette for all the deliciousness, for the experiences that have been, and for those yet to come. 
Tribal rocks my world! CL

Join us online, woo hoo, for four weeks of  weekly emails, full of Beginning Levels One and Two dance moves, with PDFs of instructions, videos to warmup and work out with, work on finger cymbal rhythms and drum rhythms, get MP3s to listen to with visualizations and meditations, and journaling prompts. Have your journal ready to dive in to your sweet dancing soul! And join our private online facebook community to study with…

You can put down a deposit to hold your place, $150.00, or pay off the whole she-bang for just $449.00

And then you are ready to get on the road for Gypsy Caravan Teacher Training in August!

Because getting certified in Collective Soul is the pre-requisite for the next step of Teacher Training…

Registration deadline — July 15th, 2015! HERE…

Get registered now and I will send you a free copy of both Tribal Technique DVDs#1 and #2 to get you prepped! Sweet….

Added benefits to undertaking the journey and being certified:  Join in the Caravan Soul Collective International private internet pages to meet, network, discuss tribal! You will be listed in the international Collective Soul Directory, and you will receive the logo signature once you are certified. Plus possibilities to join Paulette and the others in performance…

Be sure to check out our

Collective Soul Directory

to find other dancers in your area or around the globe!

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