Friday What I Am Loving

*Art that makes you question…and question, and discuss, and question, and vehemently argue about why it sucks or does nothing for your vision or your idea of beauty, and be thankful for what you love, and let everyone else do their own thing, and let it teach you not to judge but state your opinions from your true heart…if ¬†art does not illicit a response, then what? is it art?

*Vimeo!–learning how to work it for my new online classes coming up soon!

*My garden as always

don’t the poppies just make you weep?


and the fragrance of the wisteria is overwhelmingly delightful…just stand under a bunch and swoon!

and then to take time to sip wine in Bacchus, (or the Spirit House, if I’m meditating!)

and to enjoy time to play with my never-tiring, here’s the ball again mom, pup Gracie…

and to watch my cat Sage as she plays with the fairies and catches the mice (ick)….

and to still miss all my farm animals with a heartache that will never go away…. so I giggle at my metal goaties that I have placed around the jungle!

*Flickr…getting re-aquainted with this app… and put up my treasured textiles for sale on my flickr pages…


ok, my loves, enjoy your weekend, be superfabulous and stand up…

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