Friday, what I am loving–Tribal Truly Rocks

When I travel, I usually get more time to read and write when I am not teaching! So glancing back through my journal, I found some notes and quotes I jotted down from a recent trip to Italy!

I was teaching several sessions of my Tribal Bellydance Certification courses and workshops. In that Collective Soul group of dancers, we were journaling and talking about our dance. Whenever I do this, I am always struck by the profound statements the dancers make about this dance. How soul reaching, truth telling, art making, it can be, universally, and personally.

I asked the dancers how is Tribal powerful? (I so love that word these days!)

Ilaria said, “the dance is a physical concept of union, with us. Just like with other creatures, the fishes, the bees, the birds.”

Fiorella said, “there is a spiral of energy that creates trust with the other dancers.”

Denise continues on, saying, “the dance nurtures faith in the others. It is a universal language of the body. And creates a string connection of joy and happiness, a union.”

Catherine talks about the dance as having a sheer force of power, as on an army. It is concrete and tangible, as well as transformational.

Another dancer talked of it being meditation in movment.

These discussions are so heartfelt, and some of these girls are talking in Italian as it gets translated to me. Dance is truly a universal language.

Taking Tribal Global…oh yea….Tribal truly rocks!

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