Homeward bound!

Thankyou Flagstaff, and all of the dancers I have had the honor of spending the last week with here in Arizona, teaching Collective Soul Level One, and the several workshops over the weekend. Hilary Giovale, from Gypsy Caravan Dance Co, Int, who lives in Flagstaff, and all her dancers plus, the “man committee” (don’t you love that?) did such a lovely job of taking care of me, and Carol Vance, while we taught, and performed in the hafla, and had a day of filming more online classes. Plus showed us this very special little town of Flagstaff.

We were treated to several HUGE thunderstorms, truly magical! That is one of the things I miss from growing up in Ohio, the thunderstorms and the lightning bugs, which we don’t have in Portland. Big kabooms and great white light shows. Magnificent….

Bringing my Gypsy Caravan style of Tribal Bellydance to Flagstaff, not only did I get to meet many new dancers, and reconnect with some old friends, but they had the chance over the days of CS1 and the weekend to meet and dance with each other. And that is so powerful and exciting for me to watch. Taking Tribal Global…these dancers understood that it not only is about the technique, but getting outside their structured box, to be a dancer, to move like a dancer, gracefully, with power and beauty. Besides learning lots of new and funkily fabulous new moves to add to their dance repertoire, they learned to dance with both sides of their body (I know, the left side is a challenge!), and to stay grounded and connected with their own body, while being light in their feet, with the ability to move quickly. They learned how to follow in the Tribla improvisational way, in a more organic style. And to be open to new experiences, to share the dance with each other in a new and different way–very eye and soul opening. woo hoo….
I can’t wait to come back and dance with all of you….Many thanks.

Building community, one hip at a time!

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