Friday What I’m Loving…and Inspiration

Friday What I’m Loving…and Inspiration

I think about, and write about inspiration often. What inspires me? Who inspires me? Why? How can I instill inspiration in others? What is the creativity process? And on and on and on…

Being a dancer and a creatrix of many things, many things fall into play, in one moment of a lightning bolt. Could be the music, could be my dance partner at the moment. Maybe the city I’m dancing in that day (as I do travel much). The new costume bit. My mood of the day. A story I read. A walk down the street. My new tarot deck.


How that comes out of me into the dance can be furious, thoughtful, emotional, whimsical. I may choose a prop, such as a sword, a veil, a basket, or a shawl (my favorite prop of late), although I must say that I am not much into dancing with props these days (that is next week’s blog!). Usually when dancing with one of my troupe mates, they  are willing to let me direct them into trying whatever is busting forth. And they may have bouts of inspired movements to join with mine. Often I am home in my office when I get struck by that bolt, then I’m jumping up and away from my desk, trying a dance bit, and then writing furiously so as not to forget what I just did. Then trying it over again, and scratching out my notes. Ha! Then I have to decipher and remember what I meant when I Iwrote that something! When I had my dance studio, it was easier as I could run into the studio with tons of room and mirrors to experiment and explore my thoughts and ideas.

But you know, it does not take a studio to make that inspiration come into physical reality and fruition. My office has held wonders of my inspired moments. I’ve even had them on a plane with my eyes closed. And there was a time when I had dreams of intuitive dance moves. I truly believe that I have been a conduit for this dance, and that I still am. Maybe some ancestors have chosen me to bring back their steps, or most likely, their feelings. of the dance stylings. It just takes trust in that vision, and getting down to it. Showing up. sorting it out. Not being afraid of it if it doesn’t work, but letting go of perfection and letting the muse flow.

Like when we write and journal. I ask my students to put the pen on the paper, and not pick it up. We have to let the words flow out—not editing, not stopping, just allowing the words to pour forth. To clear out, to empty, to possibly take a shape. Not to direct or change the words as they flowed, but to let them be messy, misspelled, ornate, run-on thoughts, that can be transformed or tossed, just as all inspired creations. Sometimes just that process of journaling makes space for new fresh creations, sometimes itself turns into one. Sometimes it flows so fast that the writing is furious, trying to get it all down before you lose it. Ever feel that way? That happens in my dance visions too. It’s like hurry up and wait!

Moments of art, of creation, usually need time, to sit and be percolated, watched, tried on or tried out, listened to, tossed away, changed, and built upon before they get completed for consumption or viewing or listening to. Sometimes they come out just the way you want them to stay.

**So tell me, peeps, what or who has inspired you this week, or today? And what has that inspiration motivated you to do? Have you acted on it? Heard a great song? Seen an outstanding movie? Read a great book? Took a dance class that had you glowing? Share with me what moves you, and how you acted upon it…below, in the comments! Thanks for sharing…


And Now…it’s Friday, here’s what I’m loving…and here are some juicy bits for you to get your heart pumping maybe just a little bit faster…

**Avoiding Vegan Recipe Disasters–Hayley Hobson

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**Gorgeous and amazing…

**Thanks Awakening Woman!

85 Women’s Awakening and Empowerment Movies (List)

**poignant, strong, tearful…wow…

and the beginning of my new tattoo!


Enjoy your Friday and thanks for your thoughts!


AND if you are in  Portland this weekend…

Lynea Gillen and I are really excited to offer this dance and celebratory workshop this Sunday morning, in honor of our feminine selves on mothers’ day… 

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What better way to celebrate yourself than to join with a group of women to laugh, share and move! We start with a delicious morning elixir to soothe and wake up the body. Paulette and Lynea will take us on a journey to open our body, heart and spirit through walking meditations, yoga, dance, mindful journaling and visualizations.
No dance experience necessary!

We will send you home refreshed and joyful to celebrate the rest of the day with your friends and family. Cost: $60

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