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Through Deirdre’s Dance Den, I love being able to actively explore the different aspects of dance- those that are greater than just movement. Through Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (TM) I have developed a more positive attitude to life and a real connecting with others.  Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (TM)  can connect dancers across borders and time zones, within classes in a studio; within towns, regions, countries, continents and beyond! This takes time, patience and an open heart and mind- but the rewards are immense.

I’ve always been a good networker and I’m naturally curious to meet and work with people. Being part of this dance community is perfect for this!  Since moving back to Scotland from the USA, to stretch myself I have been seeking out other Gypsy Caravan dancers over the last couple of years, and it has been rich learning and lots of fun. Of course Paulette is working this all the time through Taking Tribal Global and having Gypsy Caravan Dance Company International so it’s good to get tips from her experience too!

In April, I tried an ambitious collaboration at a festival in England- JoY, or, Jewel of Yorkshire , where I was also teaching. I wanted to show a general bellydance audience the joy of the Gypsy Caravan format, the power in the group, and the great moves in improvisation that we have!

So I contacted the experienced Gypsy Caravan dancers I know in England, Scotland, and Wales, and 8 of us took to the stage. We had organized music, entrances, costuming, and some basic formations beforehand, however, we all wanted to stick to the key principle of improvisation. We discussed moves and levels of experience so we would support each other, not pull moves out that others didn’t know! After a short ‘pulling it together’ session before the show late afternoon we smiled and shimmied our way to a wonderful reception. The audience appreciated our first performance as a group and probably left wondering about the secret ingredient of this tribal magic that pulled it together!

JoY groupIt can be hard work pulling together a long distance collaboration. Making sure everyone is really in it, doing the prep, getting to know the music, leaving egos at the door and seeing the whole as bigger than one person. Always a learning experience, however, and such FUN! Here we are in costume before performance – from left to right, June Spraggon, Cayte Lawton, Julie Keast, myself, Wendy Hughes, Eleanor Shirkie, Angela Noble and Raven Jan.

I’d love to hear of your collaborations with other Gypsy Caravan dancers, and other styles too, and your discovery that this language and attitude crosses boundaries (however near or far). Comment about how you made it happen, and how it felt, below!

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