Friday What I’m Loving, and then some!


My first week in New Zealand has been full of long days of dancing and late night suppers with giggles and wine! So happy to be spending time with Gypsy C. dancer, Nina, as she assists me with the Collective Soul and Teacher Training intensives. Plus I’m loving the summertime here as opposed to the winter back in the states!



Congratulations goes to Collective Soul certified dancers, Anne Hamilton and Heather Wilkinson! Woohoo… These gals trained really hard in our two dance intensive and I am thrilled to have them join the team! As some of you know, not everyone passes the first time, as we all learn at different speeds and need more time to practice and get those fabulous moves into our bodies and muscle memory. A few dancers who joined us did not get certified this round, and I honor them and their commitment to continue on, dance hard, and get the roots of this amazing dance solidified so they can complete the certification and move up to the next level. What an amazing journey for me as their teacher and for them all as a empowered group of dancers! Here is to all of them for being here with me this week! And today we complete Collective Soul Level Two and Teacher Training Level One! With a weekend full of workshops and a informal hafla and performance coming right up…I am a dancing queen!



News Flash!!!! GypsyCaravan Dance Company International is welcoming new global members, Deirdre Macdonald from Scotland, and Christine Haviland from New Zealand! oh yea…. Taking Tribal Global!

Many of you have met Deirdre as guest editor for our blog, as she interviews other dancers around the world to share juicy tribal bits with you!

I have been dancing on and off with both of these delicious women for over 10 years, and am absolutely delighted to be dancing with them in a professional mode now, and to share them with you too! They embody the Tribal spirit, teach with compassion and commitment, and love to share the joy of the dance. My Tribal Vision is growing…how exciting!

Watch for more about them!


And just a few tidbits to share with you for the weekend…. Enjoy…and let me know what you think!

*How to be Creative

*OMG, does this sound heavenly? Roasted soup obsession…

*how to prepare for a dream goal…

*a thirty minute workout!

*Feeling trapped?

Have a most delicious weekend, and put on some red lipstick!

Thanks for being here my friends… I adore you!



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