Tribal Travels- New Zealand

Tribal Travels…New Zealand….

My last day in New Zealand, and having a long lie in! Whoa…. six days full of dance and dance and laughter and tears and aha moments and new dancing sisters and more dance… and today just a day to take a ferry to a small island and tour some wineries and walk outside! A long flight home tomorrow.

What a pleasure it has been, long hard sweaty dancing days, tiring non-sleeping nights, but add soul rewarding work and dedicated soul searching dancers, and it is all worth it. My lovely hostess, Christine Haviland, the Tribal Mama of New Zealand, outdid herself taking care of me and putting together the Collective Soul Levels One and Two, plus Teacher Training Level One courses, with a weekend of six workshops (yes, you read that…OMG-all in six days). Plus Gypsy C. troupe mate, Nina Martinez, Australia’s Tribal Mama, was here to assist me and refine her teaching skills too. And along the way, Christine has now joined the Gypsy Caravan Dance Company, International as well…and I am one happy little dancer! Proud to have the Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (™) format represented by such fine dancers, and with the amazing tribal spirit. (And Christine’s troupe is also called Tribal Spirit! ) Ah, to spread the tribal love…

Thanks to Nina G. For the great photos!

Taking Tribal Global, we also added Scotland tribal star, Deirdre Macdonald to our troupe and wow oh wow… I just love the energy of these amazing women, the dancers and teachers of Gypsy Caravan have such big hearts and souls, to share the love of this dance, to pass it on to all the students, to perform with such passion, but really, it is the spirit of tribal that they all possess. This has been an amazing week!


I always say that Tribal is not just a dance, but a lifestyle. As you learn the skills and technique of the dance, it blends into everyday life and becomes an amazing journey—the celebration of life in all of its modes, the support you feel from your dance partners, learning how to let go of your ego, to be truly present in the moment, to share with an open heart, to trust in your intuition, and so much more. Wellness and wholeness and walking through the world with intention. Gotta love that…

And all the dancers over the week and weekend really got to experience so many facets of this, with the dance and with the sharing; we did a lot of journaling and meditating as well. What it truly is like to be a dancer, to be able to move with grace and ease and knowledge, in a dancers’s body, with eyes that see and connect, and that carries us into everyday life. I believe in the full experience, going deep into the heart and soul of what this dance brings to each person, and being able to share it, in words, emotions, and movement is a highlight of my personal journey…to have found my calling in life, to share how to live life to the fullest, through the dance.

And that journey continues, next on to TribalCon in Atlanta with Jeff also on this trip. He will be teaching a few Middle Eastern horn workshops while I do the dance bit! And performance, along with other great musos, like Jeremiah Soto! The theme is the mamas and the papas of Tribal..I’m there!


Thanks for being here! Would love to hear your thoughts below in the comments!…

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