Friday what I’m loving…Greetings from Milano!

Friday what I’m loving…

Greetings from Milano!

A hot and full week of dance and sisterhood here in Italy… and I’m not even into the weekend of workshops at our Tribal Soul Quest Festival in Ferraro yes–that starts tomorrow! I adore spending time with my dance sisters, Cinzia and Deirdre, doing Teacher Training, and Master Classes at Cinzia’s studio-Love, Light, Joy. We have had some beautiful relaxing time as well as exhilarating brainstorming sessions for all things Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (™)! Fun future projects –profound, global, nourishing — as far and deep as this dance takes us, in body, mind, and spirit. So expect more of that in the near future!

And this after the last weekend of full on lectures and seminars at World Domination Summit. Every speaker had me practically sobbing with love, as they spoke from their heart and soul, about their life and creative journeys, full of truth, pain, joy, spark, and life. I love hearing about people’s paths, and to be able to share in the discovery and joy is a gift. To really just listen, I mean, really listen, that is an art form too. To allow someone to share their story, without saying a word, but truly hearing everything they have to say. Try it, savor their words, for them and for you. It is profound.

And that is only one reason why I love teaching this dance that we do, to be able to share in one’s  transitions using movement and words, well, that just feeds my soul and makes my heart shine. I am so honored to do this work and to share it with you.  And that you share it with me. So many thanks for being on your journey and for sharing it with me….


and now, just a bit of what is rockin’ my world this Friday …for you!  Enjoy…

***Tami Lynn Kent’s new book: WILD CREATIVE

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just a light video to watch about being connected!


India.Arie sings Just Do You!


Wild Sister magazine… Free issue in celebration of their 3rd birthday!


and that is what I have for you today… have a blessed weekend…

much love to you…



Watch the trailer for my Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (TM) Online class #1!

Now, get up and dance!


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