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deegfadmay2013Taking Tribal Global- Returning to Passion




Hello all, from Deirdre’s Dance Den, in a sunny sunny Scotland. It’s a walk on the beach and go in for a deep-paddle-in-the-water kind of day…it has been warm here for a month now—a welcome summer miracle!

I am heading to Italy today to meet up with Paulette and Cinzia DiCioccio, for a short intense dance extravaganza at Tribal Soul Quest in Ferrara, with the Caravan Project Italia, assisting and learning, performing and supporting, and sharing the love and passion of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Style Bellydance(TM). Saying I’m excited, is a mild statement!

GCDCI1 (1)

Recently I read a great article on keeping connected with your passion that resonated with me by William Martin, Sharing the Tao, which has excerpts from his book,  A Path and Practice. And I wanted to share this quote with you…

He writes:

“Think of a time when you were completely absorbed in what you were doing. Bring that feeling back to your mind. This is passion.

Can you remember how and when that feeling began to slip away and your thoughts turned to the future or the past – how the passion gave way to wanting something else? Don’t criticize yourself. Just notice how powerful our conditioning to avoid passion can really be.

Releasing my wanting… I return to my passion.

There is no need to weary ourselves in an effort to find her.

She is ever with us because she is us.”


Paulette comments:

How true…if we can only keep the trust in ourselves and our vision, our passions can change, evolve, die, or carry us forward. Most important is to stay connected with ourselves to stay connected with our passions. Easy to say, not always so easy to do…

How do YOU stay connected? Leave your comments below in the comments space…I would love to hear how you stay passionate and creative!


I hope you find the time and headspace to keep connected to your passions – happy dancing!

We want you to share your views with all of us, in the comments below…

Yours in dance, best wishes,

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