Friday, what is rocking my world!

Friday, what is rocking my world!

Such an amazing week, full of emotional highs and lows, celebrations and intense deep writing, work and play, music and dance, and lots of planning.

How about yours? How is your week, your dance, your art, your body? Are you doing what you love? Dancing your way to bliss? Creating what your heart and soul whisper to you? Immersing yourself in self-care? Got to Got to….

If you are around Portland, I will be teaching at Om Studio next Wednesday night! Tribal Grooves... 1 1/2 hours of tribal, workout, sweat, groove, laugh, and sista fun! come and dance with us!


So for this week’s faves, I am raving about this one:

Being Vibrantly Alive!

I read this woman’s article and just had to share it with you… gave me the spine tingling I know that feeling feeling! This is my kind of trance dance, dance bliss, moving meditation… I’ll excerpt it a little her for you, but go to her site to read the whole awesomeness…she does amazing spiritual work too…

Introducing Raw Dancing: Getting Down & Dirty & Beyond Ego, with Belinda Davidson

Don’t you love it when you have a life-altering moment? One of those moments when everything falls into place and you experience absolute clarity and resolution?

One of these ‘moments’ happened to me some months back. I stumbled across something so profound and consciousness shifting that I knew I had reached above and beyond, and had become a new person.

It happened on the day I became a raw dancer.

The moment found me whilst in bed, curled up and feeling low. I had had a major change in the structure of my business and needed to ‘let someone go.’ That someone was not only a valued employee but a dear friend, so I was trapped in a conundrum.

My head was a vice, and my body was stagnant with stress. I couldn’t find resolution or peace.

Then came a flash of inspiration, “Move your body,” so I pressed play on the first thing I could find on my itunes, and started to dance. Within a few moments, I was feeling less heady and more grounded, and as I continued to move, I could feel the stress sliding off.

It was peeling off me and moving out into the floor beneath me. Almost trance-like, I started to jump up and down, just doing what my body wanted, and as this happened the ‘peeling’ quickened.

My movements then became ecstatic as I started to gyrate, thrash around and shake (not simultaneously!). I was getting down and dirty with it, following the flow of what my body wanted to do.

Then suddenly the ‘peeling ecstasy’ ceased, and I was engulfed in a delicious nothingness. It was as if I’d ceased to be and was consumed by emptiness. It was thrilling to be dissolved, and oh, so freeing!

It was then that my dancer was born.


Now many of you know that I am a big advocate for journaling, for doing the Morning Page (or afternoon or evening!), for emptying out all the monkey chatter in your brain. Ran across this article too, for you…and for sure check him and his site out, and his new book!

How Interrupting Your Sleep Can Silence Your Doubts and Boost Your Creativity

How to spark your early morning creative ideas

Step 1

Pick a creativity issue you’d like to deal with. Perhaps you’re faced with a specific problem in your creative work. Maybe you’d like to generate some new creative ideas. Whatever it is, take some time to think about what you’d like to focus on and clearly define the area of focus in your own mind.

Step 2

For a week, or as many days as you can manage, set your alarm for half an hour earlier than normal. You’ll need to place a notepad and pen beside your bed before you go to sleep.

Step 3

The moment you awake in the morning, and without talking to anyone or reading or listening to anything, immediately pick up your pad and pen and begin to write free-style, either specifically about the creative issue you want to deal with, or about anything else that pops into your head.

Write for a full 30 minutes without stopping then put your pad aside without reading what you’ve written. Yes, you’ll be half asleep as you do it – that doesn’t matter. In fact, that’s the whole point. As drowsy and dopey as you probably feel, just start writing and 30 minutes later, stop.

Step 4

Repeat this process each day (without reading what you wrote the day before). Once you’ve reached the end of the week – or have at least completed several days of writing – read what you’ve written.

Step 5

You might find it helpful to ask yourself some self-coaching questions to extract the full benefit from the exercise:

What immediately strikes you about what you’ve written? Jot down any impressions or questions that have been stimulated.

What surprises you about what you’ve written?

What doesn’t surprise you about what you’ve written?

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned from the exercise?

What’s the single most important thing you can do as a result of what you’ve learned in this exercise that will help move you forward in your creative life?

Brian Cormack Carr is a writer, career coach and chief executive of The Centre for Voluntary Action, one of the UK’s leading local charities. Brian has distilled nearly 20 years’ experience of helping clients to find fulfilling work and a renewed sense of purpose, into his book How to Find Your Vital Vocation.


Love your problems – really love them, and the solutions appear.

Danielle la Porte



David Wolfe’s Sunfood Diet Success System: “If one exploits the animals and the Earth, the subtler truths of life will remain hidden—that is the fact, simple as that.”


more on self-care, because there is never enough!

Gina Gomez Talks About Divine Self-Care {Interview} with Elena Lipson


oh and my band, the Rusty Dawg Revue, had a great gig last weekend! so fun….

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photo by Rene Groom!

and the new website is coming soon! oh yea….

ok, my pretties, enjoy your weekend… and thanks for being here…


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