The Tribal Quest Experience, and it’s Friday — What is Rockin’ my World….

The Tribal Quest Experience, and it’s Friday — What is Rockin’ my World….

Friday What is Rockin’ my World….

coming at you…Sunday, October 13th

The Tribal Quest Experience

Tribal Quest button

The new six week online course featuring Tribal Bellydance with Paulette Rees-Denis, plus a bevy of amazing women to share their magnificence!

*Tribal Bellydance technique, drills, Tribal Grooves, and a mini choregraphy with Paulette!  

Add Gypsy Caravan dancers Karen Hunt and Cinzia Di Cioccio. Plus get your finger cymbals  on….

*Sage advice from nutrition coach, Cristi Nicholson

*Workouts with Fitness Coach, Sarah Rose Jarolimek

*Women’s Health Care expert and author, Tami Lynn Kent- using her book, The Wild Feminine

*Yoga, Breathing, and Meditation Practices with Cinizia DiCioccio

*Writing/Journaling sessions and prompts with Paulette

and a gift for you!

**Be one of the first 25 to register and get a FREE warmup video from Paulette and Gypsy Caravan (from online class #1)

register now and read more here

**What dancers have said about my online classes!

Fonda says:  Just kicked my own ass with online classes!

Richelle writes:  Paulette am sooooooo loving the on line classes love love love!!!! Wow how spunky is the maya circle roll combo. Thank you so very much they are fabulous!

Eleanor says:   Just had the chance to tune in, absolutely loving these online classes with the fabulous Paulette Rees-denis


After a super quick trip to Toronto last weekend to teach for two days, which was a blast…this week has finally started to settle down in the home office. Whew… a bit of a whirlwind the last few weeks, getting my new The Tribal Quest Experience course finished, along with Tribal Bliss #2 (which is running right now and oh la la…. I’ll give you the next dates down below), and all the upcoming NEW website edits, plus tons of rehearsals with my band, the Rusty Dawg Revue, for a show and some recording, and a sick pup… ok, my, but life is full and grand!


he Toronto dancers were marvelous! We danced hard, they learned lots and got the feel of dancing more fluidly with both right and left hips, different formations, refinement of some seasoned moves, and Iots of new tribal steps. So great to be up in the part of the country, even though the trip was fast and furious, saw a tiny bit of the city. Many thanks to Laura McCutchan for bringing Tribal to Toronto!


Tribal Rocks Toronto-check out this sweet little video clip!


Being the Tribal Hostess that I am, not only does the dance flow out of me to you, but I looove to share great folk and stuff with you! Usually every Friday…

If you enjoy food as much as me, cooking, eating, looking at gorgeous food photos… check this out…

videos and photos galore… mmmmm….


Had to have a good giggle at this one…Mighty Girl, Famous Among Dozens! and I love her idea of a Mighty Life List (not unlike a bucket list, but I adore the name so much more…)

100 Things To Do Before I Go….

I recently had a coaching client who was finally able to have some time for herself, having her summer full up of sick relatives, and grandbaby care, and intense job duties. I asked her what she would do for herself with her week off, and she had a hard time thinking of one thing that she liked/loved/wanted to do. It happens. We get so caught up in everything around us, being caretakers, workers, mothers, etc. that we forget about us, forget about the things we love to do, or desire to do, for FUN….not talking goals here peeps, but just feelin’good, rockin’ fun!

so I do declare this weekend you ALL make a Mighty Life List!

Check hers out and get your juices flowing, and then do a few of them!

Then let me know what you did, or send me your lists, and spread the fun love…


**Did any of you do the Slow Down Challenge I sent you last week? Sometimes we all need reminders. I know I do. And I have done so much better this past summer, taking my time, slowing down, listening, reflecting. And you know what? By doing that, I have also been more creative and productive and happy, and having way more fun. Yes, I still get stressed out, and usually because I do it to myself, putting pressure on myself. (that happens way too much to us creative entrepreneurs!) But hey, I’m getting the jist of it, and now, I really love having a good time!

a five-day series of reflection and action that will help you:

  • Live with greater intentionality.

  • Have better focus.

  • And develop deeper relationships.

Notice, Savor, Focus, Let Go, Give Thanks…


**I read this on a blog post on Awakening Women and wanted to share the poem…

Hold fast to

empty space.

Cling to your clinging

to the way things are.

For a price.

When you’ve finished sorting the boxes of a predetermined “me”,

step outside and consider

the moonlight.

Consider the way things are

when you admit

you don’t know the first thing about the way things are:

the magical, mystical,

fresh, unknowing beauty

called Life.

Put down your compass and look in the mirror.

Look at the familiar patterns and expressions on your face,

look at the recent wrinkles formed, lifelines around your eyes

like rings formed around the inside of a tree.

Look at the whole of you

but do not become fixed in the way you are.

The way you are is

boundless, infinite space.

The way you are is timeless,

moving, changing with the tides.

The way you are is beyond anything you could ever comprehend.

The way you are is

not meant to be understood,

but to be lived.

The journey home requires that you go nowhere.

The truth of living mystery is the way you are.

Translucent listening,

Abundant breathing.

The way you are is the way Love is:

The wayless way.

A life lived awake,

a life lived fully.

You are the way.

Lather. Goddess Rinse. Repeat.

Dominique Youkhehpaz is a student of Awakening Women and the founder of Self-Marriage Ceremonies, a practice of committing to live what we know to be true in our hearts. You can visit her website at

Isn’t that lovely?

So I will leave you with all these goodies for the weekend. Do enjoy, have fun, breath deep, and love hard!

thanks so much for being here….



Ok, you were asking what the next dates for the newest sessions of my online courses would be…so get  your calendars out so you can mark the dates. Would love to have you join us.

**register NOW for The Tribal Quest Experience, starting Sunday, oct. 13, get your free warnup link, and read more here

**BE one of the first 25 to register and get a FREE warmup video from Paulette and Gypsy Caravan (from online class #1)

*Tribal Bliss #1- Dance and Vision , starting January 13, 2014 (four weeks)

*Tribal Bliss #2- Dance and Vision-Weaving with the Power of Your Feminine Creative Essence, starting February 10, 2014, (four weeks)

and remember, after you have taken it the first time, you are always enrolled to take it over and over again…woohooo… Tribal Rocks!


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