gratitude in a million pieces

IMG_1993I am thank full…

full of the gratitude that can make my heart burst and my body explode, into a million little thankful pieces…

I have a home that is my savior and my paradise, like god and eden, for now.

my man, a husband, is my best friend,

           my soul mate, my creator mate.

my 2 corgi dogs are my best friends, inseparable and entangled around my feet when I am at

           home, laughter surrounds us every day.

I honor all the creatures and people who have come before and made me who I am.

my work is my art, my life force–it pushes me over the edge, but always keeps me hanging on,

it shackles me, sometimes, and it frees me mostly, and it makes me dig deep, and deeper for

            you, to bust open

my body works, in a big way, in many isolated variations that have become my dance

my bare feet touch the earth in many ways every day

while my soul flies, capturing

the connection that runs through me…to you…and back at me…

the reverance touches my soul, as I reach out to wonder–

wandering with awe through the world as I know it

I give back to the little lost souls who need a home, comforting as I can

I nurture the big souls who quest my quest, who have touched me with the pain, briliance, love,

              and artful loyalty that only they can

my fire brims with creative juices, not dousing, but feeding the burn, as it runs through my limbs

              and pours out of me, to share, for the tribes, and build what must be built

You keep me going

you send the love, the words, the shimmying hips, the glitter bombs

humble pride bubbles over and spills out of my womb

you shake, unstoppable, with the swooning desire of a lover, but not

the pieces are like little mirrors exploding with reflections of you

and you and you

as we circle up and give thanks

I am grateful, that you are here, intensely, sharing what we share.


so thank full…



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