In Their Own words…with guest, Wendy Hughes

deegfadmay2013What’s happening in Deirdre’s Dance Den today? As guest editor for this blog—Taking Tribal Global—the bit that brings you lots of cool stuff including stories from Tribal Bellydancers from around the world, I invite you into my Dance Den, my virtual cubbyhole, a safe and beautiful space to think and discuss Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (TM) goodness.

I have a wonderful piece from a great teacher and lovely Gypsy Caravan student in Wales in the UK this week, Wendy Hughes




so In Her Own words – why I dance….

( Aka … The girl can’t help it!  )

“I dance because….. Well, I just LOVE to dance, I have always loved to dance, and I WILL always love to dance. I dance because I can. I dance because I love the wild feeling I get inside, when the music is upbeat, funky, heady, heavy with drums and rhythm. I love the emotions that wash over me with sultry, balmy, hip swaying slow, steady and downright sexy beats. I feel I can lose myself in the joy of dancing and just be me. There is nothing else better for my mood, my body, my inner calm, I’m at peace with myself and I know who I truly am. At first I didn’t understand what Tribal really meant, now it’s everything, I cannot imagine my life without it. And I thank Paulette for giving me, quite simply ME.”

Wendy Hughes

Love this! Who else can resonate with this?

By the way, Wendy has completed Collective Soul Level  3 and Teacher Training Level  3 with Paulette.

Wendy HughesphotoLet me know what you think! What’s your dance raison d’etre? Doesn’t this wonderful dance just get into your body and soul? What makes your hips sway? This is a new bi-weekly format (as opposed to the monthly E-newsletter, and Paulette and I want to fill you up, but not too often!  We have lots to share, dance experiences that relate to us all, but are so individual to each. Please join in the conversation! Be a part of this growing tribe.

I desire to read about your stories on what music moves your beautifully adorned hips and how Tribal style lights up your life—don’t keep it in your head or hide it in your personal journal…but share it and shout it out for all of us to hear.

What moves and music moves your hips?
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