Healing With Music Summit!

Hey my friends!

Woo hoo…I am thrilled to tell you more about this summit I’ve been invited to be a participant in! I love sharing ideas and tools with powerful and strong creative women… YOU!


Imagine having a deep conversation with a world renowned name who is an expert in healing and transforming the world. A person who is unleashing inner peace and unconditional love through their unique gift. This person is a world class Artist, Musician, Inspirational Speaker or a Celebrity Author or highly acclaimed Spiritual Healer, and you’re discussing how they have struggled, lost and recovered from a dark empty place in life that was filled with hopelessness, despair … paralyzed with fear and now they are connecting deeply with their true essence, they have transformed to become a highly recognized and sought after activist, activating change in the world and living life to the fullest!

What if, along with their stories, you get real solid advice for activating deep inner peace, unconditional love and a total transformation within you?

How would you feel?

Well … my friend and colleague, award winning Harpist, Mentor and Transformational Coach, Patricia Daly M.A., through her months of research has brought together a panel of experts who are bringing you exactly that.

And I’ve been invited to be on the panel!! Oh my…

She is hosting an online retreat called: Healing With Music : 21 keys to gain inner peace, welcome unconditional love and transform your life. With a  panel of 20+ experts. I am delighted and honored to have been given this opportunity to share my stories, insights, strategies and a FREE gift!

September 26t-30th!
And it is FREE..

Click this link to Join Us Click Here 

You will learn:

– Sharper Focused Mindset And A Heightened Awareness

– Music As The Perfect Motivator To Step Into Your Power & Magnificence

– Tapping Into Your Inner Guidance

– Overcoming Scarcity, Lack Of Self Value And Achieve Health And Wellness

– Healing And Meditation Effects Using The Instrument – The Harp

We are inviting you and about ½ million people and we want you to invite your friends as well.

Join these experts for they have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life itself.

You will received lots of free downloadable gifts and also learn new tools and strategies.

The following areas are being discussed:-

  • Don’t Die With Your Song Inside Of You
  • How to listen to and use your inner guidance
  • Overcoming Fears, Limiting Beliefs and welcome inner peace, and unconditional love
  • The power of music and sound and creativity to heal
  • Self Love the most important strategy out there
  • and more….

Would you please partner with me so we can spread the word even further?
Share this link with your friends on social media… and anyone who could benefit from our Healing With Music Online Retreat.

Click this link to Join Us: Click Here 

Excited and with so much love,


P.S. Discover how the Healing With Music Free Online Retreat will restore confidence, self-belief, inner peace and happiness. and inspire HUGE motivation to pick yourself up and bring about a full transformation to experience joy, happiness and contentment.


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