Hey my amazing blog readers, a question for you!

Good Monday to you!


You all know how much I love to write and network and share juicy tidbits and stories with you, the Tribal Hostess that I am! I am working on many new projects for the upcoming months (can’t wait to share!), and get some things updated and rockin’ even more on my website (here), the monthly enewsletter (Caravan Trails-and you can subscribe at the top of the website, with our new fab guest editor-Deirdre MacDonald Clitheroe), and this here weekly blog, Taking Tribal Global,  for you…hoping to make navigation a bit easier around the website.

But mostly, I really want to know what you want!

What would you like to read about? What burning questions do you have for me–about Tribal Bellydance, my online classes, my Tribal Certification intensives-Collective Soul and Teacher Training, Gypsy Caravan and my workshops with my instructors, my Dance Coaching, Writing for Dancers, or WHAT?

Email me you questions and thoughts about what you would like me to write about for you. I would love that!

I want to feature more guest bloggers for you, and I’ve got a great guest this Wednesday, a nutrition coach-Shamra Byrne, to share some pearls of wisdom for you! And I’ve got several more glorious women entrpreneurs lined up to write some posts for you too.. How about you? Any of you want to be a featured guest blogger?

Please email me, dance@gypsycaravan.us, don’t be shy! We would love to network and share the wealth of information and experiences that come from dancing, wellness, and life!

One of the main problems I’m having with this blog, is that you can’t leave a comment here. Why? Because I was getting over 200 spam comments every day, yes every day. And it about made me jump off a bridge, trying to find your goodness amongst the spam. So I had to end that. And now I’m looking for a solution. Your voice is important to me, and I love to hear your reactions and comments…Hoping I can get that fixed in the next few days. Meanwhile, you can respond back on my Facebook site!


or email me at dance@gypsycaravan.us

Alright, you enjoy your day, and I’m back to the drawing board with my green smoothie, before the morning workout!

Many thanks for being here, and let me know what you want!


and I took these photos of the amazing jellyfish at an Aquarium in Mexico… aren’t they just beautiful?



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