Integrity and Inspiration

Good Monday to you!

Writing from Waukesha, Wisconsin, as I start the last three days with my Gypsy Caravan Teacher Training Level One for an awesome dancer here,
this is also the last three days of my stateside dance tour. Then I go home, then off to England for workshops at the JoY Festival, three levels of Collective
Soul and two levels of Teacher Training!
Looking forward to beginning today’s training for her, as it is powerful stuff… About finding that teacher within…the discovery process of finding
what it is you have to offer, to share, to assist someone else to get what they want and are searching for. It is about empowerment, for both the
teacher and the student.
A few blog posts ago I wrote about continuing on with our power practice, about Ahimsa, living with resonance and compassion and truth–
and Satya–owning your truth….
When you dance, work, live, with your truth, your beauty, you learn your boundaries. How many times have I heard a dancer say,
“Oh, look at her dance bra, I’m going to make one just like that.” or, ” I want that one too.”
It’s great to be inspired by someone, to have a mentor, a teacher, to love what your friends do, to admire a dance, a painting.
To appreciate another’s work is fantastic, and I love to be inspired. Then I reach deep inside myself to find what that inspiration then inspires me to do.
And let my mind and soul create for me. Or I just enjoy the moment of appreciation, being grateful to be able to share in someone else’s art by viewing,
listening, or whatever…acknowledge them, thank them, let them know. That is empowering for all involved! Woo hoo…
By honoring what is mine and what is yours, we keep our energetic integrity, take responsibility of knowing where our boundaries start and others end.
Like when we dance up real close to our dance partners, in that intimate, but not sexual way, even though we are close, we can honor each others space,
with respect, as we fall into that beautiful synchronistic tribal groove together…that is freakin awesome! But no matter what your art form is, this is the
principal of Asteya–honoring what is mine and what is yours… Very cool…

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