Introducing: Sunday’s Dance To Word


My friends, to start your week, this will be my instigator day with thoughts and prompts to get your pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, head fog to clear space, dance questions and answers to words….

You are welcome to share what flows, or scrunch and burn, but my desire is to get you started or continuing, to find your thoughts of dance, put the beauty to words, clear your fog, create with your inner words, from your body to the page…

On my journeys, I see dancers struggle to define their dance, confuse their words, or just want to write more (that is me!), and there are so many beautiful ideas and poetry to go along with the dance, I am always blown away by what dancers can say when we spend time writing, and  they allow themselves the space and freedom to write.

So let us start…

This week, the global question:

What is tribal bellydance?

on your marks, get set, write….and enjoy!




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