the new Gypsy Caravan Dance Co, International…

hit 2012…wow, newly revamped, back in the hip swinging life of all things tribal, coming at you, new visions, new dances, new dancers, past dancers, music, words, undulations, hands, global,  strangely synchronistic, improvisations, passing gestures, group it up, bring it on, living the passion, connected with the earth and the sky and the love, dancing the rituals, the days, the wisdom, the journeys, sexy, powerful, with intention and desire, being remarkable, digging into the souls, the past, the future, traveling the globe, questing for enlightenment, honoring those who came before, eons ago or yesterday, cultural fusion, urban spirit, reinvention and revolution, evolution and enchanting, the tribes grow..

What is the new GCDC, Int?

In some ways it is still a continuation of the past many incarnations that I have danced through. A troupe, a tribe, of semi and pro tribal bellydancers, who have studied my GC tribal format over the years, with from 18 to 6 years of  tribal experience, ages 29-64, women who have a similar passion for the dance, specifically tribal, although most of us have studied and continue to study other styles of dance, fitness, movement, health, and positive well-being. Some of us dance for a living, some as an additional “job”, and some as an added love to a full life! A continual training in life, I like to call it…

We are florists, writers, teachers, students, sales reps, investors dental assistants, yoginis, painters, jewelry makers, mothers, daughters, and so much more…all walks of life, that make up this great tribe of dance, love, support, passion…with the amazingly powerful, vibrant ever-awe-inspiring, connection with tribal. As a style of dance, as a way of life!

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