It’s so much more than dance–with Lynea Gillen, Talking Tribal and more

Join Paulette Rees-Denis and Lynea Gillen in Lynea’s yoga studio in Portland, Or, Talking Tribal…talking about Tribal Trance Dance, the Annual Tribal Bellydance Retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs, Dance as healing, African Tribal Fusion, and more… Part 1, November 2012


And a special treat… a poem from Lynea, that is included in my book Tribal Vision: A Celebration of Life Through Tribal Belly Dance!

It’s so much more than dance,

This artistry you have created.

It’s a rabbit hole,

A door,

A magic mirror

Into which women


Boldly enter,

Or timidly peer

Into their own

Deep Beauty.

And the magic is so strong,

The power so deep,

That they claw after it.

They want more.

And more.

And I find that I am a part of they.

I wonder if you feel ravaged,


Clear Cut,

Like the Goddess Demeter

Who closes up shop every winter?

But spring always arrives,

And with it

The many blossoming beauties.

The evidence of your hand is there

In the swaying hips,

The jeweled bellies,

The open hearts.

Oh yes, the open hearts.

That is the greatest gift that has been given.

Forgive us, dear mother,



If sometimes we forget that you are also human.

If at times,

In our enthusiasm,

We bloom with tortured moves,

And stubby hands

Or worse * ugly blue gloved costumes!

And if at times

In our carelessness

We wound your fragile human heart.

Know that we all love you.

Even in our moments of fear,


Or jealousy.

We are grateful to the gifts that you give.

And we honor the sacrifices that you have made.  

And this friend will never walk away.

She will stay.

And talk.

And cry.

And work it out.

Because this friendship is such a gift,

That no poem,

No matter how long,

Or clever,

Or heartfelt,

Can contain all that it holds for me.

 I love you.  


And you can buy your own copy below! Enjoy the poem, enjoy the video interview, and enjoy yourself…Thanks for being here…

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