What I have learned, and keep learning, from my corgidog!

What I have learned, and keep learning, from my corgidog!

What I have learned, and keep learning, from my corgidog!

rika wheels 7:16You know me, if you know me at all, is that I am an animal lover– have dogs and a cat, used to have 8 goats, 21 chickens, and more dogs… no kids! Vegetarian/vegan, cruelty free lover, animal-trying-to-be-whisperer. Mostly I just love all critters…and life.

I now have an invalid, wheel-chair ridden corgi dog, Rika, who has photos posted all the time on FB, plus the non-invalid kids of Gracie the other corgi, and princessa the austere cat of the home. And what a ride this has become… not unlike caring for a elder human in many aspects…takes time, commitment, patience, and more patience, compassion, caring, giving, and even more time than you could imagine, plus the extra bucks for x rays, tests, vet care, acupuncture, chinese herbs, psychic healing. Yes, I believe in taking care of my kids/doglets until their time has come. They are my children, my best friends, the loves of my life.

rika and gracie 7:16

rika and gracie 2014:fountain DSCN1853 DSCN1864Rika has just turned 12 ( yep, a leo like me), and has this horrible nerve disease (Degenerative Mylopothy), like Lou Gehrig’s but for dogs… so we have bought halters, ramps, and now wheels, so he can keep on, because he wants to, he can, and his spirit is crazy full of life.  And this has become high maintenance, heart-breaking, and tender-loving for me in so many ways.


But I chose him, I raised him, I would never let him down. He has loved me, my man Jeff,  loads of my friends, he goes glamping with us in our vintage trailers, runs to the other room when we play our music, and snuggles with us in bed. He makes me laugh, and now cry, but the biggest lessons are…

  Patience, compassion, unconditional love.

Yes he pushes my buttons, bothers me when I am trying to work, cries when he doesn’t see me, and needs to be lifted several times a day (hence my broken toe and hurt back!). But how could it be any other way? And he has filled me up for 12 years, all of his life.

Life is for living. He has taught me that. The art of play. Of unconditional love. Of taking time out. Of laughter and goofiness. Of the cutest corgi butt wiggles. Of stopping to smell the roses, and everything else he finds on his walks (lowrider that he is). Of just being.

Being. Now. Present.rika 2011

And I know that is the most important thing. Sure I could keep working and working and working, me, that workaholic that I am learning not to be anymore, or I could put him down, as others have suggested (WTF?), he’s not ready for that yet, or pass him on as some pet owners do (yes I volunteer at the humane society and see all kinds of fabulous dogs whose owners have given them up). I would not dream of that.  

riak wheels 2 rika wheels 3He makes me, and has taught me ( as has all of my pets), to honor my life even more, my body, my loves, my commitments, my pleasures, my desires to cherish this life I have — this life we make into our own, as we follow our dreams, and live it to the fullest, and enjoy every freakin awesome minute.

And to honor my family, my friends, my work, my clients, my students, all that is…so much gratitude I frikaeel, until my heart is bursting with love, with wow, with knowing how blessed I am to have him, and all of you, in my life, to do what I do, to dance what I dance, to coach those I coach, to love all I love.

I don’t need him to be gone to know this. I know it now.  Thankfully so….

He is my light!

With so much gratitude, so much devotion, compassion, patience, so much love…


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