Calendars and us…

As a traveling gypsy, wandering dancer, bohemian prancer, glamping honkytonker, blogging maven, pleasure siren, creative magical coach and teacher, and everything in between, it is imperative that I work deeply and intimately with my boss...

“Who’s your boss?” you ask. “We always thought you worked for yourself!”

calendarsWeeeellll…I do. My boss is my calendar! Without that tool my mind would be a jumbling swirl of mass chaos! This is such an easy and minor thing to learn, but the most important tool I can use as a successful coach, business woman, and teacher. And of course, this is one of the first things I have my clients look at.

Whether it be an online calendar or a fancy notebook, you find the right tool that works for you! I actually use both. In my yearly planning I have pages spread out all around me so I can see the big picture. I still love the tactile feel of paper and pen, pencil and colored markers. Just like I love to read paper books!  But I am also totally in love with my kindle, for 2 main things. I can take my zillion books with me on the road and not weigh my suitcase down. And I can read at night when my man is sleeping because of the fabulous lit up page, and it is so easy! But give me a beautiful book to look at and read and I’m in heaven. Same for my calendar…if I can see it all spread out around me for the year, I can make my year be a big success and not overcross myself. I can FEEL it, like the energy of my work and what I am planning.

But for my daily and weekly fixins, I love my google calendar because I can pull it up on all my devices wherever I am. And I put all my little to-do’s and my get-er-done things on every day, so I don’t forget anything… and that makes my days and weeks go so much smoother.

Of course I still keep several journals by my side at all times, for work ideas, blogging thoughts, poems as they come through me, and my delightful gratitude lists…

This is lovely organization and creative planning for me, and helps me not sit down in the middle of the room and cry!

My boss! She just tells me what to do and when, and there you go.

That being said, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing this week. I’ve got papers and notebooks strewn around me as I sit on the floor, and I love it. Planning where I’m traveling, what I’m teaching, my client appointment, and most necessary to calendar in my down time, my play time, and my own continuous studies.

So here is the beginning of next years certification agenda for you dancers!

Most of these courses only happen once a year and I want to make sure they suit all of us and our calendars. So now, you get out your colored pens and papers, your calendar, your datebook, and jotting down the workshops you will be joining me at, and see how good that feels! Maybe you even have a special page for dream dates/ bucketlists/wishes and desires–things your really want and will be working toward!

Let me know when we can meet up– ready to do some coaching with me, attend a dance workshop in person, undertake that online certification course you’ve been saving for, and time to advance into one of my teacher trainings. I know it is only August but 2017 looks to be a magnificent year already. Do you feel it? My heart is expanding with delight…

I’ve got some awesome dance tours and festivals lined up for myself and Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance! Here are a few dates for you!

 2017 Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ® Certification Intensives

But wait…
Still for 2016! Registration is now open…
Online with Paulette Rees-Denis 
Collective Soul Level One, Online,
October 9th– 30th, 2016
and Teacher Training Level One, Online, 
November 13th– December 4th, 2016
Four weeks of fabulous intensives–videos, journaling, meditations, online group discussions with dancers from around the globe!
Just in time for the new year to rock your world!

Dates for Gypsy Caravan’s Certification program — 2017!

Collective Soul and Teacher Training Online with Paulette Rees-Denis,

Collective Soul
Level Two… January 15, 2017
Level Three…April 9, 2017

And each level of Collective Soul is the part one of Teacher Training…
and Gypsy Caravan Teacher Training online, immediately following each CS level! Four weeks each level also
Teacher Training Level One…November 13th, 2016–Registration now open
Level Two…February 26th, 2017
Level Three…May 21st, 2017
**These happen once a year online with Paulette Rees-Denis!

And of course there are in person trainings with our

391A5882-de 391A5754-de391A5455-de 391A5709-de 391A5594-deGypsy Caravan Certified Master Teachers–Deirdre Macdonald-Scotland, Nina Martinez-Australia, Amanda Richardson- Oregon, Cinzia DiCioccio-Italy around the globe… More calendar info here!



Read here!

Tribal Grooves Teacher Training in Portland,

Saturday, October 8th!

Deets here…

and Gypsy Caravan On The Road


Gypsy Caravan and the Caravan Project in Austin, Texas

January 2017


Paulette in Mexico City — March 2017

contact Walky:

Coming…Apr 27-30, 2017… 

Paulette Rees-Denis presents

the 24th Annual  

Women’s Dance and Desire Weekend

Dance and Desire: From the Body to the Page

Dance. Words. Desire. Write. Honor. Celebrate. Pleasure. Feel good. Feel you. Move. Now… 

at Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit, Oregon! Starts Thursday, April 27- through Sunday April 30th

with Paulette Rees-Denis, Elena Lipson, and Lynea Gillen

**YES, this year it is longer, 3 nights… more special time for you! Time to really arrive into yourself and enjoy the experience…

more info here

Paulette at our annual Tribal Quest Summit — Ft. Myers, Florida

May 2-7,  2017

paulette in florida

Workshops, Collective Soul Levels #1, #5, #6,

Tribal Grooves Teacher Training Levels #1 and #2!

CS1 florida

contact Sherry

and always more to come…
so let’s get your dreams and desires planned and on paper…make them happen, make more magic with your life and join me!
So grateful for you to be here with me and share this audacious journey!






I am also revamping my website, facebook pages, and email list… please visit and like my Gypsy Caravan page here

and my Movement, Momentum and Magic Coaching pages here…

I don’t want to lose you! 🙂

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