Amazing things are happening with our community and we need your help!

Hello beautiful souls,

There are a lot of fabulous changes happening at my online community — with me, and around the globe with all the dancers, newly certified teachers, and our Master Teachers!



We are always adding more good stuff for you, to inspire you, connect you, treat you, and make you smile, such as:

I want to be connected with you…

but only if you still want me. 🙂

And so…

Many of you I haven’t heard from in a long time so we are checking in to see if you are still here with us! We are doing some early spring clean up of our super fabulous mailing list of 1700 subscribers, that I have had such great opportunity to run now since the beginning of the computer age!

Well, maybe not quite that long…but over ten or more years now. And I am soooo grateful to be able to share our world of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®, wellness, community, connection, entertainment, joy, fulfillment, business advice, and my one-on-one coaching.

( I know there is more–what do you LOVE about what we do?)

We want to make sure that you are still interested in what we have to offer. I never want to be spam in your inbox… much too sacred these days.


If you love what we do and still want to be a part of it, Shout it from the mountaintop!

Then subscribe and join us! Update your contact info here.

You never know, I just might bring a local workshop or retreat to your city and we want you to be the first to know if I’m on my way!

So much love here for you…

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