Starting this Sunday — From the Body to the Page–Dance and Desire,

Starting this Sunday — From the Body to the Page–Dance and Desire,

Dance and Desire Ecourse about to start! 

This Sunday…March 20th…

And Friday is the last day to register… don’t wait any longer…let’s do this…

8 weeks of yumminess, digging in,
 a great pairing of body and soul. 

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Sometimes we need inspiration, guidance, ideas, and new tools, besides, reminders, for how to feel good–in our bodies and our souls, how to take time for ourselves–to care for ourselves and to deepen ourselves with study and reflection, and to quest for what we are truly searching for, besides good old affirmations of how good we are doing, how fabulous we are, and that we are on the right path!

***And that is what my 8 week ecourse

Dance and Desire: From the Body to the Page

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is all about…

new tools, methods, exploratory ideas, questions, celebration, community, fun using dance and journaling and meditation, discussions, reflections, and so much good stuff for you to play with, experiment with!

Getting into the body more, with workouts, dance and sweat! Some with these exercises with get you outside of your box, some will  be gentle reminders of what feels good on the body, and some are just pure joy in movement and dance! Woo hoo…

(No dance experience necessary!)

And then there are the exploratory questions, for you to dive in and find out what and why you want to do certain things, to feel good, and what you want and need to feel even better… overviews, underviews, questing questions, and oh, soooo good and juicy!
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What women have said after taking this course…

Listening to you and the guest speakers, and hearing my own thoughts and beliefs spoken was amazing. If they think like me, and are strong enough to grab it and run, then so can I. – LZ

The material was a fantastic, with great and enthralling speakers. They made sense and I felt YES, I really need to do this…but realizing HOW and where do I start? I realized bit-by-bit, changing little things and saying YES that’s ok. Rome wasn’t built in a day and I can’t change my life in a week!!! It will take as long as it takes but that’s OK too. I’m now armed with all this great and empowering information. Because tools to change, lets just take it one day at a time and see where it leads me. -TH

I had just taken my Nia Green Belt training and I realized how hard it is for me to be truly present in my body and feel joy while I dance. I grew up in ballet, which was all about controlling the body, and forcing it to do things it doesn’t naturally do. I was very focused on technique and performance and learned to smile through the pain of bleeding toes and screaming thigh muscles. NOw I desire to listen to and respect my body and to move with love and joy and comfort. -KB

*One of the other offerings to you with this class is the bonus interviews with five amazing women I have had the honor to know. And now I get to share them with you!



and what a goddess she is! We’ve taught together and I’m excited she is here for our conversation with you about taking good quality, loving care of ourselves. I wonder why it is so hard sometimes for us to do this, even me! Good to have gentle nudges or hard pushes to get back into our caring practice, right? You will love her!


Elaine and Paulette 2

the goddess of sleep —She shares some of her backstory and talks about sleep with us, getting well and healthy and strong and inspired, and how important good sleep rituals and practices are… and gotta love the headpieces!


L'Erin Altaa joyful, elegant and powerfully intune/attuned woman, we talk about her path working with women around the globe, what we need to do for ourselves, and getting into our deeper desires…


1545698_10152174125016692_431350208_nwhoa girls… this woman is a strong and sexy and vibrant woman… full of enthusiasm for toning and being super healthy and in great shape both inside and out…


melissa matternthe Psychic Genius with more ideas and practices for daily connection, meditation secrets, book recommendations, living life to the fullest, and being in true alignment! Love it…

This course starts this Sunday March 20th, coming right up! We have a great group of women already signed up and I would love to have you join us too. You will get to meet all of them in our private group as well, and share your stories, ask questions of each other as well as me, and hear about their journeys.

You get weekly reading, videos, audios, and activities, to do on your own time and share as you desire…8 weeks, wowowo…

Want to read a bit more? Are you with us? Register here…

This is the good work that I do. To guide you to find that place of elatedness, of pleasure in your body, peace filled with excitement, the movement of feminine bellydance (Gypsy Caravan style!), momentum to move forward with fabulous intention!

This is the work that brings joy to me, to see you find and live what you desire, and to celebrate your treasures and your enoughness! And to step it up with passion… the life you desire to live…


And I would be grateful if you would share me and this course with your friends and anyone who would love it and needs it… pass me along, and thanks for that! 


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