Meet new Gypsy Caravan dancer–Christine Haviland!



Christine with Nina and Paulette…

The Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance tribes are expanding and growing with slow care and consideration, as the Tribal spirit spreads around the globe…what an exciting and passionate state to witness, to be a part of, to play hostess to, yes, I am the Tribal Hostess! My role is to inspire and initiate, to stay innovative and clear for you, to motivate and excite you to move, be aware, regain beauty and confidence, stay fit and healthy, and share inspired information and incredible folks. Plus have a great time. I love that… I watch as beginning dancers find their feet, their passion, their heart and soul through the dance, because of all aspects of how the dance has touched their lives. Not only their dance world, but every thing they touch. With a vitality—refound or just lit—and then spread around some more.

Then these dancers take on more for themselves and choose to share the tribal love too, and create their own tribes, start their own classes, and dance!

Here is one of the two newest members of my international troupe, Gypsy Caravan Dance Company—Christine Haviland, from New Zealand. Along with Deirdre MacDonald from Scotland, these two dancers have studied with me for many years, both up close and personal, as well as from a distance. They have undertaken several levels of Collective Soul and Teacher Training with me, have weekly classes, teach workshops, and have hearts and souls full of that tribal essence. I am honored to have them both join me on this journey.


christine, nina, paulette - NZ -2014

I came to New Zealand from Scotland 1997, finding Belly dance in 1999. My first taste of Belly Dance was Orientale with its beautiful bejewelled costumes and movement I was quickly absorbed by this art. Whilst I enjoyed this form, the journey wasn’t complete for me…by chance I overheard someone mention Tribal Belly Dance. Quickly I researched on line…Bam…there it was—Gypsy Caravan Dance Company!

I was hooked immediately and set about finding out what I could about this beautiful form. Everything about it drew me in more and more each link I chased!

Alongside my duet partner we followed Gypsy Caravan, watching the DVDs over and over—remember high tech was not as accessible back then so we took what we could and set about developing our own hybrid form of Tribal Belly Dance. In 2002 we pushed our limits to learn as much we could and began performing. People loved what we were doing and wanted to know more.

We were excited to learn Paulette Rees Denis was coming to NZ. Then to finally meet and study with her was an experience which mapped my dance future.

I instantly felt connected, we all danced together an impromptu moment …so easy to follow her and so excited to understand and dance without words yet we had never danced or met before!

Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ™ and Paulette are a positive lifestyle choice; each time I study with her I take so much more with me than just the dance. I have learned more about myself and my dancer…growing, sharing, learning and creating that organic circle of dance. It is a sharing experience for me and I enjoy paying it forward to my own dance circle in NZ and beyond.

My decision to start the Collective Soul and Teacher Training journey was another new chapter…an investment in myself. From 2009 study until now such a huge growth, both personally and in my dance. I come from a health background, alongside my GC qualifications I am also a Level 1 qualified Hot Hula Fitness Instructor and a Level 2 certified in Ascend Tribal Bellydance.

Being invited to the Gypsy Caravan Dance International is such an honour, to be welcomed to this circle, as a fellow dancer, embraced by these women and further grace the International Stages alongside them…so the next journey begins .. I can’t wait to start!


What an inspired journey for Christine, I am  honored to have her. And next week, you can read more about Deirdre too!

thanks for being here, and enjoy your week!



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