Monday musings…Coming back to dance…


Coming back to dance for me has been a true gift, an inspiration, a kick in the ass. I wasn’t gone long, in fact, barely gone, but I had to step back. Some injuries, miles away (I moved to the country and the distance took its toll on me), a different outlook on my personal dance, and the local and international dance world, plus a shift in tribal interest—I had reached an end of something in my dance. It had been coming for years. I wasn’t sure what it was or where I was going, but I had to stop and check and wait it out.

Through the wait-out, I continued to workout, to dance, to teach dance plus a small but lovely weekly yoga class. Able to keep a small grouping of international workshops, while still nursing my arm and shoulder, I continued to find immense pleasure in teaching the workshops and master classes, also persistently believing in and rooting on with my intensive certification courses in tribal bellydance (Collective Soul and Teacher Training). There were groups of dedicated dancers from around the world who desired to keep up their dance journey with me. They were pleasantly pushy but patient, not wanting to wait with me but wanting me anyway they could get me. In fact, they were my cheerleaders!

I watched the tribal scene evolve, shift, revolt, around the world, in fairly drastic measures. And with the down time, I allowed Gypsy Caravan Dance Company, plus the Caravan Dance Collective, to take it’s much needed sabbatical. I kept asking myself, “What does the dance mean to me? Now, after all these years…Where am I with the dance? What do I have to give the dance? And to the dancers? And what does  and can the dance give to me? Do I still, or how do I fall into the picture of teaching, performing, and writing about it?”

I have found some of those answers, yet again, in my always changing, sexy, audacious, and blessed life. The dance is in my bones, in my body, in my soul. My heart explodes with the beauty of the connections. My reward is not only the happiness in my own body and rhythm, but add the glowing vibrancy of the (predominantly) women who come together and blossom because of the dance, in so many ways. Wow…I’ve written much about this in my book, Tribal Vision, and in my past enewsletters and blog. The life changing force of this tribal bellydance continuously astonishes me, as it circles back and around.

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