Wednesday thoughts and quotes


I am loving having my blog back up and running…there is so much I want to share with you…

so today I have a quote from one of my heroes, Danielle LaPorte! Her new book, The Fire Starter Sessions was released TODAY! awesome… my copy has been pre-oredered for ever… so yea…people, for sure you need to check her out, then tell me what you think! She rocks hard and is a piece of art and inspiration herself…

“Our hearts are the altars. Ours days, when lived awake, are another chance to know the joys of what matters most. Attend first to the divine and the work at hand becomes art.”

and my quote to go with that one:

Body as temple = temple of love!

One of the things I have noticed with the blog is the literally hundreds of spam comments I get everyday, which does not allow for you to leave your comments. I am working on this, but please take the time to leave a comment, and I will get this figured out!

have a great day and many thanks for being here…


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