my new etsy shop and my older photos!

Oh, Did I tell you that I am opening up an Etsy shop,

and have years of my photography up for sale? I am beyond excited as I have waited to have an outlet like this for years. These hand printed pho
tos span the last few decades of my life in San Francisco and Portland, surrounded by musicians, dancers, and tattoo enthusiasts. Many of these images I will be posting are from my out-of-print and sold out photographic book, Skin Stories. I was, and still am, inspired by bodies, skin, and the ink to form layers, what I like to think of as layers of life. I have double exposed the film in the camera, yes a 35 mm SLR camera, to come up with chance with my vision of beauty!
This was before the Photoshop and easy computer photo access! And I had printed these in the wet darkroom, too, not just on the computer!

…I hope you enjoy seeing my journey…thanks for being here…

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