Dreaming versus Making

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Ever know anyone who could do it all? Or someone who says they can do it all.

Or have you ever felt like that? That you wanted to do what she does, or what he does, or you love that and want to do that too, and why not do it all?

I’m a firm believer in doing whatever your heart wants you to do. But do you think there is a fine line between doing lots of things mediocre or half-assed, and doing a few things, or maybe even one thing superbly?

I used to know a delightful woman who wanted desperately to be an artist. She wanted to paint, or make anything, to be able to call herself an artist. She went to art school, hung out with other artists, got her degree, and was so proud to wear the banner that says I am an artist, look at me. But really, she did not make art. She tried to make art, she talked a lot about making art, she envisioned lots of art projects, and had lots of creative ideas. But she never quite fulfilled the making part.

She was a dreamer, not a maker.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with being a dreamer. I love to dream. The only problem is knowing that you may be a dreamer instead of a maker, acknowledging what you can and can’t do, or what you will and won’t do. What you would like to do for pleasure and enjoyment. Versus what your heart wants you to do for our soul work.

How about that person you hear in the museum, looking at a Degas or even an unknown artist, who says, “hell I can make that.” Don’t you just want to smack them, and say, “oh yeah, well are you? Or are you all talk and no action?” I love acknowledging people for what they do, what they accomplish, what they create, first for themselves, and then maybe to share, to make the world a better place, on a visual level, on an energetic level, and maybe even a spiritual level. There is a reason why I will hire someone to help me with something, or fix my sink, or whatever needs to be done, instead of always trying to do it myself. That takes away from my time for what I really want and need to be doing, plus I would rather support someone else in their work.

We all have a role of some sort, a calling, a desire. We can all dream, or we can make, but to dream doesn’t have to mean to make, unless that is your true desire.

Then there is the mastery thing. You know, doing something really really well! How about that 10,000 hour rule? That is takes at least 10,000 hours to make something really magnificent.

How does that fit in with your dance? Your life and soul work? Your art?

What are you dreaming about and what are you making?

~~and speaking of dreams…

Today is the day my friends…
Another hero, you’ve heard me mention her before, is Danielle LaPorte. She’s another firecracker, and shaking up stuff. With yet another new project, I thought you would want to know about that one too! Now this is a biggie… something to get you moving and grooving in your life.
woo hoo…congrats to Danielle LaPorte for The Desire Map… today!

Enjoy my friends….thanks for being here to share…



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