Nina’s Mystery

Nina Martinez has been a long time dancer, and a follower of my Tribal Style Bellydance….Living outside of Cairns Australia, she teaches classes and workshops in the Gypsy Caravan format, as well as being a newly certified Master Teacher of my Collective Soul Intensive series.

She joined Gypsy Caravan Dance Company a few years back and has only been moving forward with grace, dignity, and passion….She shares a little of what’s inside her with us!


GCDCI Tribal Fest 2013 _040Nina’s mystery

I am fascinated by the mysterious energy that connects me to Tribal Bellydance.  I am moved by the ancient ritualistic feeling of being in a circle of women, feet stepping to mesmerising repetitive movements and the flow of grace between us as we dance.

As we learn this tribal dance language we connect as Tribal Sisters. Whether it’s in our local community or from around the world the dance feels timeless yet in the moment. I love being able to transition into a group that I have never danced with before and feel at home.

Filling my body with music, dance, and knowledge makes me joyful, strong, and beautiful. And I want to be able to share this. As a teacher I want to give my students technique and dance skills but I also want them to feel the passion. To let these emotions resonate into all parts of their lives.

Being part of the Gypsy Caravan format, the CS Intensives and Master/Teacher Training with Paulette Rees- Denis, has been a life changing experience. The format educates and empowers, it connects you to the world and a world of tribal sisters. It is about healthy living and keeping fit, longevity. Its about body awareness and feeling beautiful. Beautiful as a woman and dancer.

The mystery is, how can you not want to dance?

 The dance

Is like the warp in a tapestry

Thru which we weave our

Love, laughter and dreams

A tapestry

Interwoven with

The weft of lives and visions of

People before

And yet to come

This fabric

Of dance

Flowing wrapping winding

Its way around your heart

Let it weave its mystery

GCDCI Tribal Fest 2013 _137You can reach Nina at

~~~~~~~~~~~And you can join in the next series of Collective Soul and Teacher Training in Portland, OR, this October!

Join Paulette and 
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this Fall will be October 4th- 8th, 2013

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