One More Thing- finally and again

Back from my UK dance journey, and ready to dive back into our weekly, One More Thing, OMT, place for ideas and action to help with our earth, environment, and the good life in general! I hope you are too!

So, I brought this up a few weeks back, the day of the concert, but please take a minute or more to check out the website for FarmAid!

Family Farmers, Good Food for a Better America:

Working to keep family farmers on their land, Farm Aid brings together family farmers and citizens to guarantee family farm food is available to you. Farm Aid’s mission is to build a vibrant family-farm centered system of agriculture in America. Read More about Farm Aid:

Become a Farm Aid Member…

Donate, support, do whatever you can. This is a great cause worth your time and money, and so much more.~~~~~~

I saw a great billboard yesterday for a wonderful local fastfood type of hamburger place called Burgerville. They actually make good food, and yes, they have veggie burgers, along with the standard fries, shakes, salads, etc. and use local farmers for all of their meats and regular and sweet potatoes, and for the fruits of the season, etc. Although I don’t eat there often, I do enjoy the sweet potato fries and berry milkshakes in season!

The bill board stated very boldly:

Someday all of our food will come from farms!

How about that statement to make you stop and think? Makes me shiver to think about it…

thanks for all you do, and for being a part of this growing idea exchange.

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