Our Bodies Hold the Key

Our bodies hold the key.

The key to our living, the key to our dance.

We dance because we have a body to move.
We dance because our bodies ask us to move and we listen.

How can one dance if the door is locked? How do you find the key?


Dancing is an embodied experience. Rising from the soul, the heart, the bones and the tissues. Subconsciously, we  allow the movement. Nothing else exists but that connection to the self, and then to our partner. Trusting our body because we  have taken the time to understand, to train our limbs, and then to listen. Unlocking our inner rhythm.

Sometimes we dance in tongues, as if another language is coming through. We speak to each other with our bodies, watching closely, listening with our eyes, psychically connected. Feeling the movement vibrate off our partner, in a spontaneous shift of the hip, following the lift of the beat, the sway of the rhythm. The universality of the dance is breathtaking, as we become one with each other, we move into each other with knowing, not fear, creating art then, only then, for ourselves and with each other.


We use each other to reach the magic, the climax, the release. An explosive meditation, a moving union. We have unlocked our door. Adrenaline rushes, teeth flashing, tears flowing, ecstatic unions—the magic of the power and the beauty of that moment, we have allowed ourselves to be in it. We listened and we danced.




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